Where can you find the right Distribution Company in UAE?

Are you a leading global FMCG brand that is looking to carve its identity in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), one of the world’s leading business hubs and one of its global centres for trade, tourism, commerce and various other consumer sectors? If the answer is yes, you will naturally be exploring several ways to enter this intensely competitive market, particularly when you need some guidance and hand-holding along the way since you are not yet abreast of the dynamics of the local market, the entire distribution and supply system and so on. Also, you will naturally want the best solutions pertaining to warehousing and storage facilities along with ample support in areas like logistics, transportation and distribution in the right channels. Simply put, it may sound like a daunting task but you can always look for the right wholesale distributors in UAE.

Finding suitable distribution companies in UAE is not as difficult as it may seem sometimes. There are several options available since the UAE is home to multiple FMCG brands and companies in this segment. This has naturally propelled demand for the right distribution company who can monitor all of the above mentioned aspects while helping FMCG brands and top food products carve their own niche amongst local consumers. Where do you find the right solution for your dilemma? You should always look for experienced players in this space who have a good track record and already have a solid retail channel and network to back them up. It always makes sense to go for a one-stop solution provider rather than working with multiple vendors and collaborators. Look for a seasoned B2B (business to business) collaborator who can take care of the whole process smoothly for you. This is hard to find but not impossible.

Take Al Maya Group for instance. The Group is one of the biggest supermarket and retail brands in the UAE, particularly in Dubai where it has a sizable presence. It also has Al Maya Distribution, its dedicated distribution company in tandem with Al Maya Trading. Together, they offer more than 1 million sq. ft. in warehousing space along with all transportation facilities, logistics, warehousing management software, impeccable distribution and all the help you need to get your product out there in the right retail channels. Go for a 360-degree solution like the Al Maya Group. This is the best recipe for success in a competitive market like the UAE.

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