Where to Buy Clearance Stock for Liquidation?

Clearance stock is one of the most popular types of liquidation merchandise you can find on liquidation sales online. These may include anything from toys and apparel to sporting goods, appliances, and watches. It is a liquidation stock that did not sell online or in stores, has been damaged or returned, or is about to expire. For a retailer, such stock leads to a loss if it is not selling but only taking up space in their warehouse. So, intending to recoup their losses, they decide to sell this stock at a cheaper price. If you are dealing in liquidation stock, clearance sales can be hugely valuable.

Don’t know where to buy clearance stock for liquidation? Here you will come to know.

Wholesalers or Distributors

Wholesalers usually have huge collections of clearance stock in their warehouse. They directly buy from retailers and distribute to buyers at a fraction of the cost. You may buy clearance stock from these wholesalers or distributors to get your merchandise for cheap.

Online Auctions

Research online and find liquidation auctions being conducted online in your preferred category. Choose the quantity and condition of stock you want and place your bid. Read the manifest of the stock carefully before bidding. Even if you are not able to view or touch the products before buying them, you can know the detailing of the stock through their manifest. Ensure that the seller has posted genuine pictures of the stock so that you can get a good idea.

Private Marketplace

Many manufacturers and retailers offload their stock at private marketplaces to get back some of the lost money. As a buyer, you can place your bid on bulk liquidation stock for the category of your choice, depending on the actual price and condition of the products.

Tips to Consider While Buying a Clearance Stock

Are you in the market to buy clearance stock? Here are a few tips that can help you make the right decision:

Don’t go for a stock that is too good to be true

While looking for liquidation stock, always avoid offers that seem too good to be true. Check out their reviews and look at their current rates before placing your order or bidding.

Consider your local market

You need to have an understanding of what liquidation stock will sell well and at what time? If you buy swimwear during winter, you won’t be able to sell it in time. Consider the geographical location of your customers and purchase your inventory accordingly. You should keep in mind not only the season but also the latest trends and demands while buying your stock.

Calculate Your Profits

Use spreadsheets for the organization of your stock. Note their grade and condition, their current rate, their currency of sale, location of shipping, number of units, and other factors. Go through this spreadsheet carefully and make your final decision. Don’t forget to factor in the shipping costs, in case you are buying from a remote location.

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