Where to download and how to install GB WhatsApp

GB Whatsapp application is a modified version for the Whatsapp messenger. Here you will find many different authoring features that are not in the original application. This service is equipped with a variety of advanced settings, and allows you to easily work with your account from any smartphone. Use a different background color when chatting, block access to your messages, and add much more convenience and technical features to your communication.

In recent years, the attitude of users to communication with each other has significantly changed. Now smartphone users call each other much less often, and more and more prefer text messages. And to make this type of communication more convenient, and most importantly safe, programmers create special clients of messengers for gadgets.

If you “use” Whatsapp most of the time, and cannot imagine your life without emoticons and correspondence, try the GB Whatsapp service for Android. This is an unofficial client for the software of the same name, which will help you communicate in a fun way, and most importantly, without fear for the safety of personal data and private messages.

For those who are constantly afraid of losing a mobile device, which means the loss of all their correspondence and important information, just resort to the chat protection setting. You will be able to specify a password to enter the program, and no one else will be able to get into the bowels of this service.

If you become bored with the typical background of messages, just change it to any other color that is presented in this messenger. As for more global and useful features, here is the ability to set up auto-dialing. In the event that you cannot answer a call from an important person, the user has the opportunity to record his voice message, and you will listen to it as you see, at any free time for you.

In addition, you will be able to view more detailed information on the contacts that are in your contact book. For example, now you can see when your friend was last in the application, or the time when he left the chat. The GB Whatsapp app for Android gives you new opportunities for communication, and also surprises the best aesthetes with its appearance. Download this application to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the high-quality work of the client for WhatsApp.

Where to download and how to install GB WhatsApp

It is impossible to install GB WhatsApp for free in Russian in the official catalog of games and applications for Android Market Play. It can be found only on third-party resources on the global network. There you can see reviews, see ratings and understand whether you need GB WhatsApp for Android or not.

Features of the GB WhatsApp module for android

Firstly, GB WhatsApp for Android makes it possible to run two messengers at once on one phone.

• Hide online status.
• Change privacy settings.
• View multimedia files without downloading them to your phone.
• Send via WhatsApp a video larger than the standard messenger application allows.
• Send more photos in one message.
• Increase the volume of text messages to 250 characters.

You can download and install GB WhatsApp on your phone, but remember that the application is not official and in which case you won’t be able to complain to anyone or anything.

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