Where to Find and Catch Oceara in Temtem

Temtem is one of the recently introduced interesting games based on various powerful creatures, just like Pokémon. Temtem is a monster searching and catching game and is said to have taken inspiration from Pokémon styled game having rich MMO experience. Just like Pokémon, Temtem also holds various powerful and highly energetic monsters. Gamers are enjoying similar gaming experience as they have in Pokémon styled game. The monsters of this game are known as Temtem, including rare and commonly found in various regions of the game. The players have to use a TemCard to catch their desired monster, just like Poke-balls.

Catch Oceara in Temtem

There are various rarely found creatures in Temtem, as found in Pokémon. Gamers always show their interests in catching these rare monsters as they are powerful and have energetic techniques for battling with another Temtem. One such rare creature is “Oceara,” which is a dynamic water type Temtem, and the interesting thing about this creature is it doesn’t evolve into any different creature by any method. This aquatic monster is equivalent to “Lapras,” which is also a Water-type creature found in Pokémon without evolving features.

About Oceara

This rarely found water-type Temtem is very difficult to find and catch in the game as other rare creatures. It used to hide inside pools and water bodies within various caves and surrounding areas. In case a trainer wants to catch Oceara, then it is recommended to search outside from their local region as it is one of the most difficult creatures to locate.

In this guide, we are going to provide various locations where trainers or gamers can find and grab this rare monster.

Searching Oceara in Temtem

Players have to surf through the “Sillaro” river to find the right place in the form of the cave to get this rare monster. If you wish to search and grab “Oceara” in water and caves, then follow these instructions:

  • First of all, gamers have to beat the “Dojo” first in order to get the surfboard for surfing on the river. They have to surf through the river stream get into the caves.
  • Once gamers found their surfboards, then they have to move towards the direction of the riverside dock of the Sillaro river, and then they have to surf towards the right-hand side of the dock.
  • After that, search for the entry of the “Aguamarina” Cave by surfing all around the riverside.
  • Then, players have to take entry to the cave and then move north side after entering the door that will bring you to a long hallway.
  • Now, move forward and make the right move and then go back up to get the new hall or room. There will be a huge waterfall.
  • After that, gamers have to take a look at the lowermost portion of the waterfall, and you can find your desired Oceara staying there.

Note: It is a very rare chance to find Oceara there because all the gamers do searches by surfing around the particular area. So Ocearas are limited, and it’s the luck of a gamer to get this monster there.

  • If the gamers find their desired creature in the form of Oceana, then it is recommended to apply all your Temtem and their strengths to make Oceara weak.
  • After making Oceara so weak so that you could catch it. Then take out “TemCard” and then catch this rare creature in it to make your Temtem Card more powerful in the sense of water type moves.

Note: It is also recommended for the players to be prepared with a bunch of TemCards to make Oceara weak for grabbing this rare monster. They have to encounter Oceara by using various techniques and powerful moves to grab this rare Temtem.

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