Where to Find and Catch Tapu Fini in Pokemon Crown Tundra

Things are going in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s favor after the inclusion of Crown Tundra DLC. The game has acquired enormous praise within a few weeks of Crown Tundra release. The most significant factor that is attracting the gamers towards Pokemon Sword and Shield is the Legendary Pokemon. Over 100 new Legendary Pokemon have entered Pokemon Sword and Shield through Crown Tundra, and nowadays, gamers are after Tapu Fini. This Pokemon is considered one of the deities of the Galar world. Although its pre-evolved form, Tapu had been a prime Pokemon of Pokemon Sun and Moon. In this article, we will provide help to all those gamers who are facing difficulty finding and catching Tapu Fini. It is highly advisable to read this article carefully to avoid making any mistake.

How to Find and Catch Tapu Fini in Pokemon Crown Tundra

Before moving onto the subsequent process, let us first brief the gamers about Tapu Fini a bit more. Gamers who aren’t familiar with the epic story behind the creation of Galar world should read the inscription provided in the game’s manual. The story unfolds the four super-powerful Legendary Pokemon who saved an island from the lighting, ocean storm, fire, and wind hurricane. The corresponding island is now known as the Galar region, and Tapu Fini is one of those Legendary Pokemon who has been protecting this magical island for a long time.

Now, gamers must know why Tapu Fini is considered one of the most powerful Pokemon of the Galar region. More importantly, Game Freaks has unleashed an exclusive gameplay mode for the gamers to catch their ideal Legendary Pokemon quickly. The mode is known as Dynamax Adventure mode, and it allows players to craft a team of any three Pokemon to fight their ideal Pokemon in the Max Raid battle. Thus, gamers need to partake in the Max Raid battles for Tapu Fini through the Dynamax Adventure mode.

The only limitation of using this gameplay mode is that gamers can only add rental Pokemon to their team. Precisely, players won’t choose their trained Pokemon in their Dynamax Adventure mode’s team. Gamers should use the Pokemon that are strong against Tapu Fini. The best counter Pokemon types are Electric, Grass, and Poison. It is highly suggested that gamers avoid using Bug, Fighting, Dark, Ice, and Water-type Pokemon.


The hunt for catching the Legendary Pokemon has begun in Pokemon Sword and Shield after the arrival of Crow Tundra. The second part of Isle of Armor DLC has been unleashed to bring Legendary Pokemon to Sword and Shield. Meanwhile, gamers are primarily focusing upon a specific Pokemon known as Tapu Fini. This article has provided all the requisite information on Tapu Fini alongside ways to find and catch it. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will undoubtedly be able to find and catch Tapu Fini.

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