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The end of last season, Raiders running back has said it will focus on the new season, Davis Lata – Murray (Latavius ​​Murray) to develop tactics. Helu will join the team to provide more choices. On the other hand, the Raiders still did not give up the chase on the free market at present the most outstanding offensive player: former Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco – Murray (DeMarco Murray).

Monkrev’s present goal is to replace Wayne’s team’s second external connector, on the court as a full-time outer junction to run the ball and cover. Hamilton said to this: “He can do very well in all aspects, but we choose him mainly to make him call to score.”

Nicks and Wayne state is not good, so that the team offensive coordinator Pep-Hamilton began to increase the Monkrev and the two near-ended Dewn Allen Allen and Kobe – The use of Coby Fleener, in the third week of Pony, in the face of Washington Red Leather, Monkrev took a 261 yard and four times, Monkrev Excellent performance is gradually achieved by Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck).

Rank 11-20th team, red skin rose to the 12th place because of the current owner of the country, the 16th week of Saturday night game and the eagle will determine if the red skin can be launched in advance. The game, and the eagle that fell to the 17th, you must win the red skin to keep the playoffs hope. Rank 14th of the giant’s fate is no longer in your own hands. Among the third four-point, Texas finally won the Pony, and made himself master the initiative of Mean District, and the strength ranked 16th. After the ram won the pirate, he raised to 18th, and the Falcon who stopped the losing defeat returned to 20th.

Barbert’s passing the success rate of only 55.2% in the past three games, completed 3 Deta-Dagua, 3 times were copied, the quarter-branch score was only 68.6, the whole alliance started four-point guard, third, so the outside world Calling for the first voice of Colin Kaepernick’s starting. Michael Bennett is one of them, he believes that 49 people can be more excellent under the control of Karenik.

The following is a detailed list:

1. Carolina Black Panther 14-0 (-)

2. Arizona Renary 12-2 (-)

3. New England Patriot 12-2 (-)

4. Seattle Hawks 9-5 (-)

5. Pittsburgh Steel Man 9-5 (-)

6. Green Bay Packaging Work 10-4 (+1)

7. Kansas City Chief 9-5 (+1)

8. Cincinnati ram tiger 11-3 (+1)

9. Denver Yam 10-4 (-3)

10. New York Jet 9-5 (-)

11. Minnesota Viking 9-5 (-)

12. Washington Red Leather 7-7 (+2)

13. Auckland raids 6-8 (-1)

14. New York Giants 6-8 (-1)

15. Buffalo, 6-8 (+1)

16. Houston Texas 7-7 (+1)

17. Philadelphia Eagle 6-8 (-2)

18. St. Louis Ram 6-8 (+6)

19. Tampa Bay Pirate 6-8 (-)

20. Atlantan Falcon 7-7 (+8)

21. Detroit Lion 5-9 (+4)

22. New Orleans Saint 5-9 (-4)

23. Chicago Bear 5-9 (-3)

24. Jacksonville American Tiger 5-9 (-3)

25. Miami Dolphin 5-9 (-3)

26. Indianapolis Tima 6-8 (-3)

27. Cleveland Brown 3-11 (-1)

28. San Francisco 49 people 4-10 (-1)

29. San Diego lightning 4-10 (-1)

30. Dallas Cowboy 4-10 (-1)

31. Baltimore 4-10 (-1)

32. Tennesi Titan 3-11 (-)

2015-16 season sixteen strength list

With the gradual clearness of the playoffs, there is only a large fluctuation of only the latter half of the team. In the top ten teams last week, only the wild horses fell by three by the steel people, which also made them in an extremely embarrassing location. In the 16th week, the side of the tiger, winning the chance of the first round of round, the chance of the season, the line may be high in the last week of the steel man, the chief and the jet. On the list, the package workers, chiefs and tigers therefore lit.

Pony offensive coordinator Dazi new show outer handleng Mekrif

Indiana Pony’s New Show Downie Moncrief has excellent performance, and his play time has also begun to soar, last week, Zhongmondliv, Branda, China, was found in Zhongmondliv, Zhongmondoli. Career is new. Monkrov is excellent in physical fitness, and the ball is robust, and it has become more and more seriously subject to the coach.

Habeem Nicks, Hakeem Nicks, signed in the snap, is downturn this season, and the route running is extremely poor, rarely get rid of the defender. Old will take over Relgie-Wayne’s troubles cheap jerseys from china age and injuries are experiencing the most fans of careers. It is the worst battle for Wayne last week.

According to the official NFL Network correspondent said the two sides on a two-year, $ 4 million contract agreement. During the validity Redskins, Nikita running back on the bench most of the time, but he has maintained a high efficiency after the play. Last season, Nikita average of 8.5 yards every time the ball can win, his excellent catch ability making it one of the best running back in the league for a short screen pass tactics.

Counterattacks Marshall released a video of His video with Manning Chat in Personal INSTAGRAM (Brandon Marshall). Passing time information. Marshall said that he spent too much time to “get” to defend his player near the kick. And the giant coach – McCadu’s offensive system is very dependent on the rhythm between the four-guards and the outer junction, and it is difficult to consolidate click this link now in a short time in spring training.

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