Where To Find Missable Items in Final Fantasy 7

All the issues that were haunting the fans of Final Fantasy VII for decades have now finally been resolved by Square. The resolve provided to us is a set of whole new worlds of Final Fantasy VII Remake with a new storyline alongside areas.

However, now players are not allowed to get access to distinctive areas; thus, they cannot follow Sephiroth now. There are several hidden aspects of this game that are deliberately included in it by the developers. This secretive initiative is just to amplify the intricacy of the game because, in the previous version of the game, it was really easy for the players to accomplish victory alongside the attainment of lost items with ease.

The Remake has deducted several of the previous features, and below, we have provided certain ways to retain those features. We have mainly focused on the missing items, and if you are also looking out for methods to find missable items in Final Fantasy 7, then make sure that you read this article carefully to avoid any mistake.

Find Missable Items

We all know that the world of Final Fantasy 7 has spread in a large variety of areas; thus, it is pretty intricate for the players to visit all of them. Midgar is one of that region which is divided into several parts, and it is easy for the players to miss things there.

The most popular item that every player is fond of is Ghost Hands, and players can easily grab them from the Ghost enemies. The enemies are lying inside Train Graveyard, and players will miss Skill Materia from any enemy; lies in the headquarters of Shinra. Players can attain Iron Bangles from the stores which are lying in Sector 7.

Players need to ensure that the game doesn’t allow them to attain all the items from the Wall Market. However, it is pretty annoying during returning of Avalanche in raid alongside Missing score is also irritating. Tuttle paradise can also be another missable item which also lies in the headquarters of Shinra.

Players can reach Midgar through this route, and they should carry Starlight Phone of Cait SithMax ray weapon of Barret, and Aegis Armlet with them. There is very little time, but players can easily attain Vagyrisk Claw by stealing it from Vagyrisk enemy, and they can also attain it from Fort Condor battle as its boss usually drops it during the fight.

Players can also access to Temple of Ancient, but the only prerequisite is to demolish it first. This seems the players can attain useful gems such as the Morph MateriaBahamut Materia,  Luck Plus Materia, and the Princess Guard. Players will lose every weapon of Aerith after demolishing the temple; however, they can retain her Materia and accessory.

Players can also visit Whirlwind Maze alongside they can attain Earth Mallet, but they will lose Neo Bahamut Materia and MP Turbo Materia. Besides, players can also visit the Cliff of Gaea, and they will surely miss out on Javelin over there. Players can locate Curse Ring in the Mideal before it gets demolished alongside Umbrella Weapon.


We have already told you that there are numerous missable items in Final Fantasy 7, and in the article, we have discussed the major ones. In the end, we hope that this article will serve you properly, and if you want to play Final Fantasy 7, then you can witness its gaming fun on PS4Xbox OneSwitch, and PC.

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