Where to Find the Stored Google Chrome Bookmarks?

You must know the fact that Google Chrome Bookmarks can be stored. But where? While using Google Chrome, you must have tried many things, done many searches, and found the correct website with informative details. At that point, you just have come across a thought of saving or bookmarking that website to utilize it somewhere in the future. But then, the question arises where all your Bookmarks are preserved? So let’s understand the whole concept. Firstly, Google Chrome Bookmarks are easy to solve and access from any of your preferred browsers. Depending on the requirements, it takes a few taps to add and rename bookmarks. But, whenever you require to migrate bookmarks to a new browser, you may need to detect all your bookmarks files to transfer them mannerly until you utilize the export function to generate a new file.

Google Chrome Bookmarks

Furthermore, Chrome keeps all bookmarks altogether. If somehow you cannot find the bookmark file, you must have the wrong folder open or use the incorrect user path. It is included or always added in a similar folder on any system. However, the folder may be located in a different location depending on the OS in use, like macOS, Linux variant, and Windows 10.

Therefore, to resolve all your doubts, you must read and understand the whole article mannerly. This article gives different methods or ways to access your Google Chrome Bookmarks to back them up or import them into the other browser.

Finding Out the Google Chrome Bookmarks in Windows:

You must access your AppData folder to attain the bookmark file in Windows. To search out the folder, you must go through the below-provided section.

  • Start the procedure by opening File Explorer.
  • Secondly, head to your User name and press on the AppData folder.
  • Now, tap on the View bar from the menu to show the hidden or misplaced folders.
  • Go to the Show/hide column, and hit on the Hidden items option.
  • Now, again open the User name and choose the AppData folder.
  • Tap on the Local folder.
  • Jump to the Google bar, select the Chrome tab and click on the User data.
  • Then, if available, you need to choose the Profile 2 folder and head to the further steps.
  • If somehow Profile 2 is not available there, you need to tap on the Default or Profile 1 option based on the number of profiles presented in your Chrome Browser.
  • Go downwards on your screen, and you will see the Bookmarks file there. You can also see the bookmarks file inside the folder utilizing Notepad++ to confirm it is the right one. If it is not shown there, you can prefer the other profile folder.

How to Find the Stored Google Chrome Bookmarks in macOS?

In macOS, the Google Chrome Bookmarks are stored in the Application Support. You also have a choice to get that directory by using the Terminal. You should create a file for yourself to show hidden folders in macOS.

Moreover, you can follow the directions shown below to find the hidden folder.

  • Go to the Finder option.
  • Navigate to Username.
  • However, if you are not getting a Library directory, you can click the CommandShift, and Period options together to turn off the hidden folder. Rather, if you want to access the Library files straightly, press the Alt button before moving to the Go menu.
  • Then, open the Library option and choose the Application Support bar.
  • Now, you need to search and tap on the Google tab, tap on Chrome, and open the Default file.
  • In the end, you must now see a Bookmarks file including all your Chrome Bookmarks and a Bookmarks.bak file that assists as a backup.

How to find the Google Chrome Bookmarks in Linux?

Users having Linux can access the files by adapting the two methods as written below:

Method 1: Use the Terminal in Linux

To commence the procedure, you need to click on the Ctrl+Alt+T to head to the Terminal. Whenever the terminal window appears on your screen, you have to enter the path /home/<your username>/.config/google-chrome/Default/. Or else, based on the Chrome version you are using, you might require this path also. Now, click the Enter bar to continue with the process, and you will access the folder with your bookmarks file. Even though you still won’t be able to access the folder, you should press on the Show Hidden Files given in the file browser’s menu.

Method 2:Utilize a File Browser Straightly

Based on the Linux flavor, many file browsers are available at your disposal, including Dolphin, Krusader, Konqueror, Nautilus, etc. To find the Google Chrome Bookmarks on Linux using the File browser, you have to go to the File Browser based on your choice. Head to the Home, turn Google Chrome into Chromium in your nav path. Lastly, your Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak file must be shown inside the Default folder.

Guide to Export the Google Chrome Bookmarks as an HTML File

If you don’t wish to navigate via hidden files and system files, you can still receive the Google Chrome Bookmarks by exporting them as an HTML file. If you also want to export your bookmarks, then you must use this guide.

  • To start the procedure, you need to go to the Google Chrome option.
  • Tap on the Three vertical dots provided on the top-right side of the Chrome window.
  • Go to the Bookmarks button, tap on the Bookmark manager, and choose the Organize icon.
  • Further, you need to press on the Export bookmarks option.
  • Lastly, you need to select a destination folder for your desired file.
  • By using the above steps, you can easily import the file from one browser to another. But if that guide does not work, you can head to the Export column and press on the Import bar. Furthermore, choose the destination file and move to the Open bar. This procedure includes all the secured bookmarks to the existing ones.

Reason Behind Facing Trouble Locating the Google Chrome Bookmarks

If you cannot find your bookmarks file in the highlighted folders or you have a problem exporting an HTML file, you can ask a question on Google Support.

Somehow, the issue is a glitch in your Google Chrome Profile or present OS state. Or there may be some other kind of malfunction. If it is so, then you should restart the PC and try again, or contact the customer team, which will take the responsibility to guide you and solve your problem.


In short, you may have an option to change some settings to see all your hidden folders. You also have the authority to easily search your Google Chrome Bookmarks file on most devices and running systems. If exporting your bookmarks is not enough, then you can use the above tutorial to know where the file gets stored, so you can generate a copy whenever you require.

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