Where to Get Rare Temtem in New Pokémon – Like MMO

Temtem has more similarities as Nintendo “Pokémon” games. Temtem also has adventures and struggles to find new creatures in the surrounding areas of Temtem.

The game provides a very complex system of battling and getting desired Temtem. The gamers have to busy almost times to find a new Temtem. They are always involving in snagging or searching a rare Temtem just like they did in Pokémon. Players are playing and searching for a rare one on Steam, and they want to find their desired rarest of rare Temtem as soon as possible as early birds.

Source:- Where to Get Rare Temtem in New Pokémon – Like MMO

There are various rare Temtem creatures found on Steam. Follow this blog to find some of the rarest of rare Temtem with their specifications:


Saku is a wind and nature type Temtem that has numerous similarities as “Bulbasaur” found in Pokémon Sword and Shield. This Pokémon is very rare and takes much time to catch, as it has many strong techniques to bewilder any trainer or gamer. Various other reasons make it rare like it’s not a starter Temtem.

Saku can be found nearby “Gifted Bridges” in Temtem creature regions, and it is not so easy to catch in the wild areas. Gifted Bridge is one of the prominent locations that lie in the path of route 3. Gamers can get Saku through evolving from “Kaku” up to 13 times. To do this process, they have to catch “Kaku” first and then evolve it to a new creature, “Saku.”

The new Temtem will be very different from the earlier Kaku, just like in “Pokémon.” Saku will acquire its own specialties and specifications in terms of its battling techniques and moves. If a player finds “Saku” somewhere around “Gifted Bridges,” then he will be empowered with both Botanical and Wind moves.

With the evolution process of getting Saku, the players have to more careful while using their Temtem in the battlefield as this process will add some complexities to the game with having Mithridatism and Caffeinated traits.


It’s a Melee and Watery Temtem that holds various battling techniques and moves just like ninja Turtle. It is admired due to its lovely looking clamshell helmet that appears blue, and it used to tie it just below its beak through green-colored seaweed. Therefore every gamer desires to catch this adorable and rare Temtem at any cost.

Saipan is one of the most challenging and hard to find Temtem in all the regions of Temtem. It also has all the techniques and strengths to get the title of the best Temtem in the gamer’s Temtem list. The players found it very challenging to catch, but one can grab this rarest of the rare creature in the region of “Thalassian Cliffs.” There are other various places where Saipat can be found, like Route 2 and Route 3, and also in the “Windward Fort” area.


It is known for its special attacking stats and quick speed moves. Barnshe is one of the strongest Wind and Mental type Temtem that players hadn’t thought about the moves. These strong moves and powerful potentials make this creature rare in the list of Temtem that gamers desire to catch to make their Temtem arsenal more powerful.

If the player wants to catch this unique and rare Pokémon, then they have to move towards the Fort of “Windward” and then perform search operation in and surrounding areas of that Fort. They have to go to the top floor of the Fort to locate this Temtem as it is seen multiple times in this area. So the possibility of getting this Temtem increases in that particular area.


Nessla is one of those Temtem that enables various special moves in terms of attacks, defending techniques and high attacks. It is inspired by a monster of Scotland, “Loch Ness.” It is a very challenging creature as Nessie of Scotland. It appears as light blue colored eel having yellow-colored scales on its body.

The powerful stats and strong moves of Nessla are enough for finishing the battle as this creature enables various Electric and Stalactite Storms. These are the strongest points of this rarely found Temtem that makes this creature reliable for various battles.

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