Where to go shopping and what to buy in Dubai?

Nowadays in the United Arab Emirates, not only beach holidays but also shopping is a popular activity. Here it is so high quality and diverse that the country can be called a kind of Mecca for shopaholics. Here you can buy any goods, huge shopping centers and unique Eastern markets of Dubai offer guests a wide variety of perfumes and cosmetics, clothing from the most fashionable brands in the world, designer furniture, the electronic equipment of the latest models and many other products. Not to mention the products of precious metals and jewelry, which in this truly eastern city simply cannot be counted.

Dubai, being a duty-free zone, with an import tax of 4% is attractive to both those who sell and those who buy. It is clear that absolutely nothing will get you in Dubai, but here you can find some fashionable item from the latest collection, which costs two times less than in Moscow.

Luxury malls and boutiques of the highest level are located in large malls, interspersed with them are cafes and restaurants, exotic gardens and fitness halls, beauty salons and cinemas. The cost of goods is different – there are average prices, and there are very expensive. In general, the city has about three dozen malls, which are huge shopping galleries.

One of these establishments – Mall of the Emirates – even has its own ski resort, Ski Dubai. Just imagine that there is a thirty-degree heat outside, and in this complex, there is a frost minus ten and the snow is lying! By the way, this shopping mall is the largest among similar institutions in the Middle East. There are more than four hundred stores that sell clothes for the whole family, and the prices are completely different – there are medium and very high prices. The cafes and restaurants of the shopping center offer only sixty-five establishments, while the little visitors are offered entertainment corresponding to their interests – an amusement park and gaming machines. In addition to all this, the Mall of the Emirates also has a large cinema with 14 halls – Cinestar Cinema.

In Dubai, there are other shopping centers that are especially popular among shopping lovers who come to this city from all over the world. About them further and the speech will go.

Bur Juman

Bur Juman was founded in 1992, here trading centers focused on a huge area – in the mall there are more than three hundred stores and other points of sale and catering. To list fashion brands that have presented their products here, you need to spend a lot of time, so it’s easier to say this: there are clothes of any brand, you find in Bur Juman things from Zara and Tod’s, from Chanel and Dior – everything is in stock. This mall works on schedule: 10: 00-22: 00, only on Fridays differently: 16: 00-22: 00.

Wafi City Moll

This place is a paradise for shopping lovers. The roof of the modern Wafi City Moll is topped with glass pyramids that resemble the Egyptian ones. Here are located boutiques and shops – just over two hundred. They can buy fashionable clothes. Nearby you can see such Middle Eastern jewelry “monsters” as Paroff Jewelry, Graft and Tag Heuer.

You can relax in this shopping establishment in the so-called “Meeting Zone” – Encounter Zone – an entertainment complex consisting of two parts: “Galaxy” and “Lunarland”, which is very popular among both visitors and locals. The schedule of the shopping center Wafi City Moll: Saturday-Thursday 10: 00-22: 00, Friday 16: 30-22: 00.

Ibn Battuta Mall

In the fourteenth century there lived such an Arab traveler as Ibn Battuta – this mall was named after him. The trade institution has thematic zones that remind of the countries that this person visited. In total there are six such zones: Tunisia, Andalusia, Persia, Egypt, China and India. Zones are designed, respectively, in the traditions of these countries – such a design is very unusual. The shopping center of the mall presents a huge variety of clothes for the whole family, household goods, as well as electronics. Shopping center Ibn Battuta Mall has a cinema, a lot of here and places where you can eat in between shopping trips.

Mercato Shopping Mall

The Mercato Shopping Mall offers a huge selection of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as shoes and accessories, excellent jewelry, a variety of perfume and beauty products and interior items.

Emirates Towers

This shopping complex is located in the business district of the city, in its central part – it is Sheikh Zayed Road. Emirates Towers Mall is an office tower and a luxury hotel with four hundred rooms, interconnected. The trade area of the institution has the name “Shopping Boulevard”, here there are many shops representing famous brands. The work schedule of the Boulevard is Saturday-Thursday 10: 00-22: 00, Friday – 16: 00-22: 00.

Deira City Center

Fans of shopping love to visit this trade institution. It was opened in 1997, there are shops and retail outlets that work according to the following schedule: Saturday-Thursday 10: 00-22: 00, Friday – 14: 00-22: 00.

These are, of course, not all Dubai malls. By the way, due to the practical absence of urban public transport, they can only be reached by taxi. It will cost you not so expensive – around five to ten dollars.

Speaking about shopping in Dubai, one cannot fail to mention the traditional Arab bazaars – for example, such a colorful one as the Gold Souk, or the “Gold Market” . It is the largest jewelry market in the world. There are as many rings, bracelets, necklaces and other goods of this kind as there are in no other place in the world! Moreover, the cost of goods is very low, and the quality is very worthy, and as for product design, they can be called masterpieces. You are unlikely to leave this market without buying anything…

Another popular place for visitors is the Spice Market , where you can experience oriental flavor. Even without buying anything, you can simply enjoy a walk between the rows with spices, dry rose petals, Arabic medicines and incense.

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