Where Will you Spot Dubai’s Leading Warehouse Marketers?

Inhabiting one of the most prosperous global trade and commerce hubs, Dubai is known to be the core of the revenue-generating commercial sector of the United Arab Emirates. The major economy of Dubai has boomed due to the elevation in the ongoing trade and business related to the food and beverage sector. Tourism industry runs parallel to the consumables. However, the widescale demand in food and other consumables has impacted considerable growth for many trades operating in the Emirates. One such business that has gained presumable momentum is the warehouse companies in Dubai. Not only does the popular demand and need has given rise to manufacturers of goods in the industry but also has driven out competitions among the company holders.

One of the most popular and recognised warehousing and distribution associates in Dubai is the Al Maya Group. Comprising an area of 1 million square feet across Dubai, the Al Maya Group is one of the leading warehouse companies in Dubai. Moreover, ever since its establishment in the year 1982, it is associated with the distribution and supply of other consumable goods. It does this through the 50 Supermarket outlets that it has built over the years. Thus, the Al Maya Group has managed to achieve great heights in the economically affluent market of Dubai. Apart from earning renowned recognition by its warehousing and distribution adaptations, Al Maya has also managed to acquire and bring into possession some of the world-renowned brands and products in its Supermarkets. These include Cadbury Biscuits, Horlicks, Kraft Heinz, Gowardhan, UFC Fresh, etc. By adapting to these world-renowned branded products, Al Maya has successfully managed to make these brands popular among the Emiratis living in Dubai. Moreover, the tourists visiting the exclusive hospitality of Dubai also seem to benefit much from the availability of such products in Dubai’s malls and supermarkets.

That being true, another discriminating feature of the Al Maya group is that it has also set up a chain of restaurant services which relishing cuisines inspired from across the globe. One of the most popular cuisines it has adopted in the confines of the Emirates is the lip-smacking Indian Cuisine with all its delicacies and antiquities. It has led to considerable expansion of the Al Maya Group, especially in the food and beverage sector. These restaurants have gained immense popularity over a short span. It is one of the favourite hotspots of not just the tourists but also the Emiratis living in Dubai.

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