Which are the most effective and commonly used sleep apnea cures?


If you have sleep apnea that keeps you from acquiring a quiet evening of rest, you should look for a reasonable treatment choice. You can either settle on a CPAP gadget, the most usually endorsed sleep apnea cure, or perform some throat and mouth exercises to treat the issue. But, if you are reluctant to settle on any of these and are looking for more natural sleep apnea cures, here are a few choices. To find out about them, read further!

What are some best sleep apnea cures?

To treat sleep apnea, here are some attempted and tried medicines-

Oral machines- Oral mouthpieces bring your jaw forward or hold your tongue. They can be customized according to your mouth’s anatomy.

Weight Loss- Losing weight through exercise, diet, or medication can assist you in treating sleep apnea.

Surgical Procedure- Another choice for treating this condition is surgery. You can eliminate the soft tissues at the back of your throat or take out uvula or tonsils for getting a decent night’s rest.

Medicines- To cure sleep apnea, you can take medication like sleep depressants and stimulants.

CPAP machine-The gadget pushes air through your airway with the help of a mask and helps you breathe without any problem.

Exercise- You can learn mouth and nasal exercises like alternative breathing through nostrils or articulating vowels to treat this condition.

What are the natural methods of treating sleep apnea?

Natural sleep apnea cures are also effective if you have sleep apnea and are reluctant to utilize machines or medicines to treat your condition. But, before making this choice, you must know that there are no scientific reports guaranteeing that natural sleep apnea cures are viable. Nonetheless, if you still wish to attempt these cures, here are a few choices-


By and large, acupuncture is a part of traditional Chinese medication used for curing pain. Even though up to this point, only a couple of studies involving a few individuals have been directed to test its viability, the outcomes were empowering. In one review led in 2009, analysts tried acupuncture to cure 30 individuals. They were made to attend three to five meetings consistently. Later some time, it was seen that patients showed noticeable advances in factors like hypoxia.

One more research that was completed in 2016 featured six controlled trials. During the testing, it was reasoned that acupuncture therapy and electro-acupuncture were the best decisions to develop hypopnea and oxygen saturation.


A few herbs like passionflower and valerian are utilized in sleep apnea treatment. Although there is no hard proof that herbal therapy works, the treatment likewise doesn’t create any adverse effects.

Other than these, different treatments have not been tried to cure sleep apnea because of safety reasons. Additionally, it should be noticed that the effect of these medications on pregnant ladies, youngsters, nursing moms, and those with ailments is not yet tested.

Thus, these are some viable natural treatment choices for curing sleep apnea. In addition, you can use them if you have a mild or moderate condition.

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