Which are the Top Qualities of the Best Infant Diapers

Parenting teaches you many important lessons in life and one of them has to be the hygiene of your baby which contributes to your baby’s health and well-being. There are a few baby essentials you need to stock up on even before your baby arrives to avoid any last-minute hassle. Get your hands on the best infant diapers that are specially created to keep the delicate skin of your baby. During the day, you can easily check up on the diaper every now and then to find if there is any leakage, but at night, both you and your baby need uninterrupted sleep. For newborns, it is important to have uninterrupted sleep for better health and growth. Hence, make sure to do a little research about which diapers will provide maximum protection from leakage and keep your baby dry the entire night.

When we talk about diapers, it is always important to get your hands on the right size for your baby. The market offers diapers of various different sizes and for different ages including newborns as well. One size bigger or smaller and it won’t be as comfortable for your baby as the right size is, which often tampers with how the diaper should perform. If your baby has started to crawl or grab stuff, then chances are he/she will get hold of the diaper if it is a size large and pull it apart.

Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the right diaper for your baby which are best for nights as well –

High Absorbency

If you specifically are looking for a diaper that can last the entire night, then go for something that has maximum absorbency. The market has such great diapers which can absorb up to seven glasses of urine. These diapers are created with special crisscross absorbent sheets which spread the urine evenly so that the diaper does not look heavy and can last up to twelve hours. But, since every baby is different, the hours may vary depending on the individual amount of urine for each baby. Also, you should check the diaper whenever you can to find out if your baby has passed stools. If you use xxl diapers for your baby, then we recommend you go for xxl diapers for baby.

Gentle elastics

If you have chosen the xxl diapers for your growing baby or toddler then you are halfway there to give your baby the best diaper care. Most of these diaper pants come with gentle elastics and waistbands that hug your baby’s skin gently preventing red marks and rashes while not compromising on leakage protection. If your baby has started to get hold of things then he/she might pull the diaper off which is just not the case with these pants. The elastic in them is firm enough not to be budged easily.

Protective Navel Care Design

As a new parent, you need to be aware of how to care for the umbilical cord stump of your newborn. When in the womb, babies receive nutrition and oxygen through the placenta connected to the mother’s uterus. The umbilical cord then connects the placenta to the baby. And when the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut close to the baby’s body which leaves a stump on his/her belly button. The stump drops on its own once dried up and leaves a wound that heals within a few days.

Hence for your newborn, choose newborn diapers which take special care of the navel. These diapers are especially created with a special U-shaped cut that keeps the waistband away from touching the belly button. The best diaper brand in India has priced these diapers at very affordable rates which makes them very accessible to parents with all budgets.

In order to give your baby, the best hygiene care, you can also get your hands on some of the best wipes for baby in India.

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