Which board is the best for a child, state or CBSE?

 What is Education?

Education is the process of learning, or the buying of knowledge, skills, values, and habits. Education is a system that makes a student better. When good education is given, it increases a child’s creativity. There are a few popular boards of education:-

  • State board
  • CBSE board
  • ICSC board

What to choose, CBSE or State board has been a never-ending discussion. Let us discuss some points about both the boards to arrive at a bottom line.

About CBSE Board:

The educational material and innovative teaching methodology are different in CBSE schools.

CBSE is considered to be strong than state boards but is more suitable for students, designed with the needs and interest of students. The board is beneficial to those who wish to follow higher education in other organization rather than a state organization.

About State Board:

Each state is own state board. The managing power about educational depends on that respective state. The school structure, paper pattern and the syllabus are not the same in every state.

It becomes difficult, especially during admission to any new institution. Many times, their syllabus is not considered to be of expected standards. But if a student wishes for higher studies in the colleges of that particular state, then a student has a big advantage.

Advantages of CBSE and State Boards

There are some advantages of CBSE over State Boards:

  • CBSE is a lot more designed with the needs and interests of students than that State Boards.
  • Its course designed to ensure that students do not face a lot of problems and books are made interactive and interesting.
  • Lots of fun activities are included in between the chapters to learn in a playful manner.
  • The CBSE syllabus is very structured, highly expected and controlled.
  • Its curriculum focuses on preparing students for entrance examinations.
  • Languages are good enough for students to develop strong and good communication skills in English.
  • In this board, there is the Sanskrit language.

Advantages of State Boards:

  • Method of instruction followed in state board schools is usually regional languages and English.
  • In state board, there are fun activities but in a smaller way compare with CBSE.
  • State Board hardly updates its syllabus and curriculum.
  • It gives choice to the culture, state-level topics and concepts.


Choosing the right board can definitely important for your child in making their future. It all depends on the capabilities of your child, more than the board itself. However, the better choice would be to go for CBSE board for the long-term development of the child.


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