Which Electric Beater is best for whipping cream?

You may be already familiar with an Electric Beater due to its essence in the kitchen. For those who are new to it, a beater is a kitchen appliance or a tool which is used for blending, generally batters and doughs.

Electric Beater for Whipping Cream

An Electric Beater is a food mixing appliance that needs electric energy to work. It has different bladers which are flexible in making batters with various consistencies.  The main reason for popularity and commonization is the automation of the repetitive tasks of stirring, whisking and beating which usually takes a lot of time if done by hand. So, to make it easier for the people who feel the need of a helping hand while working in the kitchen.

There are various big brands of Hand Mixers such as Inalsa, Sujata, Bajaj, Phillips etc that provide 5 star rated products and satisfactory services.

The above mentioned brands would also work the best for low budget families. You just need to keep in mind your requirements and choose accordingly.

Electric Beater - Electric Bender for Whipping Cream

Electric Beater for Whipping Cream

How to use an Electric Beater?

It’s not just about putting main ingredients but way more than that. Every food needs a different consistency of batter or dough for which there are several different types of Electric Hand Blender  that need to be used.

Though everytask can be done by using a bowl, spoon, fork and a toaster oven, you can do it at a fast speed with the help of an Electric Beater.

Here’s everything you should know about an Electric Beater- which beater is best for what kind of work and how it works?

Using a Electric Stand Mixer

Not just making a dough, a Stand Mixer can do much more than that. If you’re not good at cooking, don’t worry. From mixing a meatball to whipping perfect mashed potatoes, making marshmallows or scrambling eggs; a stand mixer will help you handle all the stuff.

Here’s few steps to use a Stand Mixer:

  1. Everytime you use a Stand Beater, place it on a hard, flat surface to ensure stability.
  2. Select an appropriate attachment for the recipe you’re working on.

For example

  • Electric Beater for whipping Cream, brownies, donuts, waffles, mashing potatoes.
  • Whip for whipping cream, whisking eggs, souffles, meringue.
  • Dough hook for bread, pizza dough, pasta, pretzels.
  1. If any ingredients need to be added in between of the process, pour a small quantity at a time and slowly to avoid any kind of mess.
  2. Use the speed accordingly.
  • Slow speed (1-2) for stirring and mixing ingredients like milk, flour, or any other splashy batters.
  • Medium Speed (4-5) for mixing and beating dry ingredients.
  • Medium-high Speed (6-7) for beating and creaming cake and other batters.
  • High Speed (8-10) for Whipping Eggs and Cream.
Electric Beater for Whipping Cream

Electric Beater for Whipping Cream – TBR

Using a Electric Hand Blender

You may know well that an Electric Hand Blender has several additional benefits due to its small size.

Here are few instructions to use it:

  1. Don’t let your mixture touch with water. This is the most basic step to avoid any internal damage in the appliance.
  2. Some common attachments that you get with a Electric Hand Blender are-
  • Flat Beater for whipping butter and sugar
  • Straight Wire Beater for whipping cream, eggs, stir light sauce and butter in pans.
  • Single Whisks to incorporate air in light mixtures such as creams and egg whites.
  • Twisted Wire Beaters for fast and easy blending.
  • Dough Hooks for kneading Yeast dough etc.


We’ve just explained the tips to use this wonderful appliance. We hope it might be easy for you to Choose the Right Electric Beater.

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