Which Face Mask is Right for you in fighting Against Covid-19

When all of us learnt about how coronavirus progressed in 2019 (COVID-19), we figured out various ways to better protect each other from it. Face masks became the most important accessory. But the question is, are we really wearing the right mask?

For starters, we now can gain slight idea about a person being infected with coronavirus before all the symptoms show up, at times even when a person is actually asymptomatic. You or your friends or family members might never display the COVID-19 symptoms and unknowingly spread the virus to those around you by being in close contact with them. Also, you must know by now that it’s not just through you coughing or sneezing that you will spread the germs; coronavirus will spread from the particles that exit your mouth just when you indulge in casual conversations as well.

You must be doing your best in trying to practice social distancing and only leaving the comfort of your home only in case of complete necessity, it can be easier said than done; particularly in grocery stores and pharmacies crowded with people. Maintaining a 6 feet distance from others, while wearing a mask of your choice, will help prevent germs from spreading if you have a virus and you don’t know it.

KN95 Mask

You must have come across people who instead of using a mask are preferring to wrap a scarf around their faces, while others opt for re-usable cloth masks or use-and-throw surgical masks. The more conscious and elite opt for KN95 or FFP2 respirators, which promise maximum protection against the virus outrage. Which mask according to you or the experts you must have consulted are appropriate? Visit accumed and read up the reviews of these masks given by an expert panel explaining why and why not you should use a particular mask.

If you just keep your face covered, that will protect you too and hence, making use of a cloth mask is actually a good idea, stated the Centre of Disease and Prevention Control. Just that, children under 2 years of age or someone who has difficulty breathing or who may not be able to remove the mask without assistance should avoid wearing masks.

The elite generally opt for the KN95 masks, which are thicker when compared to a typical surgical mask and fit perfectly around the nose and cheeks. Most of them are designed to be disposable while the latest ones can be washed and re-used. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have stated that the respirator in a KN95 Mask is good to go as long as its filler material is not physically damaged or soiled.

The KN95 Mask or Respirator has gained maximum popularity during the months of Pandemic outbreak. So much so, that the protection it guarantees became a commodity which everyone required during this horrific outbreak.

Non-medical masks such as cloth masks can be used by the general public in places where there are many people infected with COVID-19 in the population, and maintain a social distancing of at least one meter also seems like an impossible task. These masks serve as a shield to protect those around you. Make sure you invest in these masks only after confirming whether they are made up of at least three layers of cloth.

The outer layer of the mask should be a complete waterproof fabric while the inside layer is water-absorbent and the middle layer works as a filter.

Wearing a mask for long duration can be tedious and slightly uncomfortable. But every time you have that urge to take it off, remind yourself that medical treatment to cure COVID19 is way more tedious, uncomfortable and painful. Hence, wear a mask and stay safe.

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