Which is a percentage of Vitality

The way Clover used to operate made pre-2.52 Ecaflips a bit Dofus Kamas too powerful, but the shift to how it works also led to it being heavily affected. In fact, we noticed that a drop over the past couple of weeks in the Kolossium success rate. We think it important to make this reduction of electricity to balance out, Even though it should have been expected.

Despite all this, Ecaflips are still good damage dealers which are highly portable and, specifically, excellent (mostly) metaphorical Swiss knives. However, we’ve identified a lack of tanking with this class, so we’ve enhanced it with Repercussion Perception and Lucky Star, which have improved effectiveness to the charms. Certain casting requirements have been made more flexible for Corollary and Summons.

Regarding Heads, Tails or the charms Meowch, Bluff and Nerve, we’d like to enhance the way the work, but we do not yet have a totally satisfactory solution. Rest assured, we have a few things lined up to test out, and you should see some changes the next time we take a look at balancing!

A prickly problem like balancing the Sacrier course… Today we’ve got a little more perspective about the circumstance, it is time to unveil the upcoming changes.First item: Bleeding. A few of the charms that consumed Bleeding did not work properly or generated, especially ones that consumed it. This allowed Sacriers to benefit from it always. This problem has been mended, restoring a sense of handling constraints and the mechanic.

We analyzed the Vitality bonus which Bleeding gave swords, which is a percentage of Vitality. Therefore, this does not change the value of this bonus at very substantial levels, but it provides more reasonable values when leveling Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro in low and medium levels.Another thing: The charms Thorn Crown and Jashin Ritual were causing difficulties such as the AI, which has been prevented from hitting the caster when these spells were busy. The problem has been fixed.And last (but not least): the eight harm spells whose electricity increased when cast on oneself.

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