Which is better: Central AC or window AC

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The summers are here, forcing you to make decisions related to your air conditioning needs. Are you going to opt for a window AC or pick the central air conditioner to cool your home? Is the prior option that is known for efficiently cooling a room or two a better choice? Or are you going to go with central systems that are powerful enough to cool your entire house? To decide which between them is a better pick, read the article!

Central AC vs window AC

People who live in their own houses and plan on staying there for years usually pick central air conditioners to cool their homes. These systems are a popular choice, especially for places that feature a forced air heating system. Besides, unlike the room air conditioners, the central systems cool the entire space. They are a more energy-efficient choice if your other option is to run several windows or portable units to make your place comfortable. Other advantages of central systems are that they are quieter and hidden from view. So they do not ruin the aesthetics of your home. Getting a central AC is like investing in the house and adding to its value.

However, one setback with the central systems is that these units incur more installation costs than what setting up a couple of window units will generate.

Those homeowners that are unsatisfied with either option are suggested to go for the midway. The mini-split air conditioners have attractive features of both central and window ACs. Though these units are more costly than the window, wall, or portable units, they do their job exceptionally well. These systems can effectively cool and heat a room or several rooms per your needs and requirements.

How much does the central ACs cost?

Since the major drawback with the central systems is related to their price, it is normal to wonder how much the central ACs cost. Well, the answer to this question depends upon several factors like its size, structure of your hose, layout, star rating of the AC, and the brand. You may try to get an average cost, but even those vary depending upon who you talk to. So, the best way of getting an accurate idea of what a central AC might cost you is to visit the web pages of a few popular AC brands. That will give you an accurate idea.

What to ask when deciding between a central and window AC?

When deciding which air conditioning system you must invest in, consider the following things:

  • Do you own the house? Since many house owners do not allow the renters to install central ACs, asking this question is vital.
  • Will one/two window ACs do the job? If this is possible, then here is your solution. It will ensure your home stays cool and comfortable without exploding your energy bills.
  • Can you budget for central AC? As we have already discussed, these units are costly. So, you need to consider whether you can afford them.

So, these are a few questions one must ask themselves before deciding which AC unit will be the best for their home.


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