Which Is The Best 5 Star Hotel In Delhi?

Talking about the services sector in India, it has grown at a swift pace, primarily because of the Indian tourism and hospitality industry. There is a huge potential for tourism in India mainly because of its rich cultural and historical heritage, assorted terrains, natural places, and varied ecology spread throughout the country. Along with this, the tourism industry in India also provides employment to a large number of people apart from being the most significant source of foreign exchange. It is expected that by the year 2028, there will be more international tourists, contributing towards the revenue generation of more than US$59 billion. In this article, we are going to discuss the best 5 Star Hotel in Delhi. Along with this, we will also discuss the topic of a 7 star hotel in Dubai towards the end.

How to Choose the Best 5-Star Hotel in Delhi?

When you are booking a hotel in Delhi for your accommodation during your trip, then it is important to choose carefully.
⦁ Make sure that the hotel is following all the protocols related to the COVID-19 global pandemic.
⦁ They have all the facilities that are needed by you to ensure a comfortable stay.
⦁ 24×7 availability of room services and water.
⦁ Vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants as per your choice.
⦁ A tour and travel desk that can accommodate your travel requirements easily.
⦁ Check the website of the 5-star hotel in Delhi, for the availability of booking dates and deals.
⦁ Also, read the actual customer’s experiences, who have stayed at the hotel previously. This will give you the best insights into that specific hotel.

How Much To Stay In 7 Star Hotel Dubai?

The world’s only 7-star hotel is called Burj Al Arab (meaning Tower of the Arabs) and is located in Dubai. It is built on a manmade island 280m off Jumeirah Beach. Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel that was started in 1999 and is the 4th tallest hotel in the world. Its design is in resemblance to a ship’s sail. This 7 Star Hotel in Dubai delivers ultimate luxury with a 180m tall atrium, and a fleet of white Rolls Royce cars. Along with this, you will see touches of gold leaves everywhere in the hotel in conjunction with dancing fountains. If you want to know how much to stay in a 7 Star Hotel in Dubai, then it will cost you in the range of 1863-Australian Dollars to 3411-Australian Dollars per night.

Source: https://www.aceracetours.com/

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