Which is the best Mutual Fund Software in India?

Best wealth elite mf software

In old times distributors work via the physical mode to collect clients’ details, open accounts and deliver services without proper tools, it arises various problems that become a barrier to the growth of the business. As time passes the use of technology came into existence to assist distributors in all aspects so that the service quality can be improved and fulfill customers’ expectations along with growing organization’s AUM.

Wealth Elite is an online platform, presented by REDVision Global, that provides a modern approach to running a distribution business and executing all processes from a single module that enlarged the reach to clients from various locations and qualifies MFD to provide assistance under his own entity name. Now the procedure of connecting to customers, managing their portfolio, goal mapping and investing can be completed from the software without meeting the clients personally.

Advanced features of mutual fund software

  • Goal-based investment planning with Goal GPS
  • Graphical presentation of clients’ portfolios and business data
  • Share forms, information and financial reports in a click
  • Set categories for customers on the basis of investing behavior, age or risk appetite
  • Event calendar to stay up-to-date about clients’ birthdays and anniversary
  • Invest in equity, debt, hybrid, and gold funds via online transactions
  • Instant access to portfolio reports and research tools

The proficiency of software lets the distributors administer the business at their fingertips and deliver standard services to all clients that ensure the accomplishment of pre-decided goals in the framed time period. Via the platform assignment of clients to respected sub-brokers is possible herewith monitoring of employees’ and sub-distributors work can also be done.

The dependency on software accompanies MFDs with accurate data and correct processes followed by continuing the organization’s functions in the absence of an expert. The execution process is not demanded by the system as it does that by itself and produces outcomes of provided details in a few clicks. The multiple features, Portfolio rebalancing, Video KYC, Online ATM etc., beef up the software to deal with every issue, complete the task in an effective way and makes it the best MF software for distributors. For more information, visit https://wealthelite.in/

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