‘Which is the best seat’ meme lets you go to bat for your favorite seat

'Which is the best seat' meme lets you go to bat for your favorite seat

Here’s the latest from bored holiday Twitter: A tweet about the “best seat” on the New York City subway (if such a seat exists) now has people debating the best place to sit in all sorts of settings.

On Tuesday, @gplatinum tweeted a photo of a D train, which has configurations of three aisle-facing seats for every two front-facing seats, and asked his followers to reply with which one they thought was the best. 

All my New Yorkers, which is the best seat? pic.twitter.com/PeAQ7UEdC9

— gabe 🦦 (@gplatinum_) January 1, 2020

Answers varied. Some people chose seat No. 1 because of its proximity to the door, while others went with 5 for the possible extra space. (Counterpoint, though: You might have to get up to let No. 4 out.)  Read more…

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