Which Is The Best Tiles Show Room Near Me For Wall And Floor Tiles?

Most shops sell floor tiles and wall tiles. It does not mean that you can use them for only one application. You would do well to find out about the difference between wall and floor tiles so you can make your next project a success.

What Is The Difference?

The difference might come from their technical difference or just the visual difference. Manufacturers produce a few tiles to be suitable for walls because of their technical specifications. What’s the difference? Ceramic tiles that are made to be used for walls are produced to be used on walls are lighter and softer bodies compared with bathroom tiles in London. These are advantages as these tiles don’t put too much pressure on the walls and they are easy to work with, particularly in a bathroom where much slicing and drilling need to be done.

We have various examples of ceramic wall tiles in London. Due to its clean and pure white, it’s very versatile and can suit any existing colour you may already have in your room. There are also many types of smaller size ceramic wall tiles available in different colour variants. If you have a DIY project and are new to tiling, we suggest that you use 200x200mm ceramic wall tiles as they are not difficult to manage and cut compared with bigger size tiles.

The difference between them is becoming vaguer due to the increasing popularity of porcelain tiles. That is because porcelain tiles have a lot denser body enabling you to use them both for walls and floors. Many customers purchase similar tiles for their bathroom walls and floors. It works well, creating a consistent, modern and luxurious look in the bathroom.

Where To Buy Quality Wall and Floor Tiles

Roman Tiles is the best tile showroom near me and is the best place for the latest and the best wall and floor tiles. Roman Tiles sells all types and varieties of tiles. Our experienced and friendly staff not only help you understand the difference between wall and floor tiles but also help you draw out your imagination, helping you with making a space you love. Some of Roman Tiles’ staff are experienced in interior designing and colour consultants who can offer you professional advice. Try to take their guidance and make an informed decision.

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