Which Lift Is Better: 2-Post Or 4-Post?

Two post lifts, Single post lifts, parking lifts, four post lifts, scissor lifts, motorcycle lifts, specialized lifts, and other automobile shoplifts exist. The two lifts and the four lifts will be discussed and compared in this article. This topic has no right or wrong answer! Nevertheless, by contrasting the benefits and drawbacks of different types of lifts, we want to make your decision easier.

Which Lift is better 2-Post or 4-Post







Several professional businesses are aware of the kind of lifts that best suit their needs. In the maintenance bays of most competent shops, you’ll identify 2 and 4 above-ground lifts. Unlike retail stores, many more clients would only purchase one car lift for their house.

Lift with two posts

The most popular type of automobile lift is indeed the two Lift, which is engaged by frame. It’s named a two-post lift because it has columns along either side of a car. It is often regarded as the ideal option for professional vehicle repair firms.

A two-post automobile lift left the car entirely open for maintenance work. In addition, replacing the tires on a 2-post lift is simpler than with a four lift because the chassis is left hanging.

2-post car lifts are classified as either symmetric or asymmetric.

Lift with four posts

Unlike the two-post car lift, the four-post automobile lift is wheel-engaging. Since it provides the extra assistance of four posts, it is regarded as more durable than just a two-post automobile lift. Four post raises are marginally more expensive over two post lifts due to the additional materials & motors required.

The good news is that certain four-post home automobile lifts need not require floor anchoring, allowing them to be easily transmitted. These 4-post car lifts are small and easy to store, making them perfect for use at home. In addition, Four Post vehicle lifts can be utilized to park two or more cars in the same space.


 You get to decide which one is better for you, we will rule out the pointers, and you decide on your shoplift.

  • A four-post lift can be taken with you. The four-post Lift can also be fixed securely. The ground should be secured to a two-lift.
  • A four-post lift usually has a 110-volt engine that would not need any extra wiring. A 220 volts single-stage engine will be included with two-post lifts.
  • Four-post lifts require significantly more space than a two lift.
  • On a four-post lift, automobiles with amazingly low ride height are simpler to handle.
  • A four-post lift makes loading and positioning the car considerably more manageable. The four-post Lift’s runway makes it simple for the driver to pull onto the Lift.

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