Which of These Cloud Automation Tools Suits You?


IT Professionals, DevOps Engineers and SysAdmin’s would all agree that by automating their cloud infrastructure, they are able to spend more time doing what they do best. Cloud automation tools make it easier for them to focus on design and engineering.

As a business owner you probably don’t want to spend too much time managing small details of your cloud infrastructure. Therefore, cloud automation tools such as the ones we will be looking at below can help you manage your cloud better while giving you more time for other business activities.

These automation tools are useful whether you use the Public Cloud, Private Cloud or even the Hybrid Cloud. It is all in how you use them.

The following are some of the most effective cloud automation tools. They will help you automate almost all aspects of cloud infrastructure and free up some time for other aspects of your business.

Some of them are even free.


Getting control over your shell commands is never easy. A Python library with an easy to use command-line tool is just what you need for your local or remote servers. It allows you to run tasks on many servers using SSH for deploying applications or running essential SysAdmin’s jobs in your cloud.

Fabric’s suite of operations can be used as components within other Python code. This will allow you to chain together common tasks. It is therefore the right tool for you if you want to make time consuming scripting and complex tasks more automated and easier.

It is an effective tool for sending and receiving server files to and from a server when human input is required. If this is how you generally run your cloud, this free tool should come in handy.


Chef is another widely used cloud automation infrastructure tool that could be useful to you. Its unique concept of turning infrastructure into code makes it the ideal tool to help IT professionals and engineers. The code it generates automates deployment, management and infrastructure building processes.

If you experience problems with deployment and building your cloud, Chef might be able to help. In fact, it may be handy if you want to save time and reduce the mistakes when deploying your cloud.

You can decide to use the free version of Chef which will include management of up to 10,000 nodes from one server and cross-platform management. You can also choose $6 per node a month option which gives you all the essentials plus cloud support in the form of an account manager.

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