Which Solid Wood Dining Table Is Good for You?

Live edge walnut or ambrosia maple dining tables will add style and elegance to any space in your home. Each dining table is handmade by experienced woodworkers and can be customized for your specifications and style.

What sort of dining table you purchase to eat around is a choice families usually make once or twice so one needs to be attentive when buying a solid wood dining table online in Ontario. For many homes, the dining table is more than just a place to eat food. The dining tables are available in various finishes and sizes to meet your interior design fancies. Before investing in a dining table, let’s look at why you should buy a solid wood dining table for your house.

Shapes of your dining table

The dining tables come in various shapes and leg configuration. You can buy an affordable solid wood dining table in Ontario as per your space. Now, What dining table shapes are currently popular and why? Let’s find out:

1. Rectangular

If you want to get a classic look, the rectangular-shaped dining table is your best choice. This shape is the most traditional and most popular in the market.

2. Square

If you live in an apartment or condo, a square dining table is the best one for you. This shape is most favored by young experts and those who enjoy minimalist and functional decor.

3. Round

The round table has been popular for ages, it provides an intimate place to share a meal. You can buy solid wood dining table online in Ontario, as its design eliminates any sense of hierarchy, which may be more appealing.

These options do not exhaust the possibilities in dining table shapes, they simply represent the most popular shape for dining tables.

How to Pick the perfect wood Dining Table?

The specialty of the table is that it is handmade, and finding the perfect wood dining table is easy. Here are some outlines for choosing the affordable solid wood dining table in Ontario:

1. Choose the size

There are numerous sizes in the market, you need to consider how much space you have in your house. The experts will customize your dining tables to any size required to fit your space.

2. Choose the style

Edge wood has numerous choices for selecting your stylish dining table. Although, professionals will guide you as per your area and requirements.

3. Choose the wood

The kind of wood you pick will affect more than just the decorative appearance. Usually, all types of wood that are used to manufacture dining tables are of the best quality. However, the types of wood in which dining tables are manufactured are Walnut, Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Ash.

4. Choose the finish

All tables are finished with a natural oil wax combo that enhances the grain and protects it from premature wear, water, and stains. The expert also finishes the tables as per the client’s requirements. Finally, keeping all aspects in mind, buy an affordable solid wood dining table in Ontario.


If you are looking to purchase the perfect table for your house, you need to compare first. You can compare based on size, color, design, wood quality, etc. You should also make sure that the manufacture of the table uses properly kiln dried wood and installs channels to the underside of the table to maintain a flat surface for years to come. If you want to buy any piece of furniture that’s meant to last for generations, you need the expertise of a quality furniture designer like Edge wood.

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