Which Tasks Are Suited For Outsource Trade Services?

Outsourcing can be the answer for a lot of businesses. Likewise, Outsource Trade Services is no different.​

By outsourcing some of the high-touch transactional work that is a big part of modern trade operations, global trade executives can shift their attention to the big picture, where they can add more value to the company. ​

Outsourcing essential trade finance software solutions also give in-house trade and customs teams a chance to work more satisfactorily. It gives them more challenging, varied, and intellectually rewarding work and more chances to be seen as valuable strategic partners across the trading businesses.

In fact, across all industries, there is a growing trend to separate trade operations from trade governance, which means separating the day-to-day management of activities from oversight and strategy in terms of who does what and what they are responsible for.

When this is done right, it not only creates a system of checks and balances in the trade compliance function. It also gives people in charge of global trade a new way to eliminate noise in the system so they can spend more time and energy on things that make the company money. In this way, international trade technology coupled with expert outsourcing can do wonders in normal trade operations.

Thus, outsourcing parts of the trade operations function to a qualified and trusted provider with Trade Digital Solutions is necessary. But the trick is to keep oversight and decision-making within the company. The evolution of this trend can offer excellent results in several core compliance areas.​

 Which trade tasks are ready to be outsourced? ​

A lot of the day-to-day work of trade functions is the kind of high-volume, labor- or technology-intensive, non-strategic work that works well in an outsourced service environment. ​

The following can become ‘Outsource Trade Services’ for any trading firm. ​

1. Tariff classification: Everything sent from one country to another worldwide must be put into the correct tariff code. Different rules apply to each product, so trade teams spend a lot of time and money figuring out the proper classification for each part number and SKU that crosses a border, which is often more than once because classifications are different in each country. Trade finance software solutions can come in handy over here.

2. Getting into free trade deals: Trade agreements, like the ones between China and ASEAN and between Europe and Japan, are becoming more common. These agreements are suitable for international businesses because they limit import duty costs and save them a lot of money. Because of this, whole supply chains can be built around free trade agreements. But it takes a lot of work to show that each product is eligible under each contract.

In particular, labor-intensive processes often require larger companies to go to their suppliers to get product-by-product origin information to support their origin declarations. These usually have to be calculated yearly based on specific materials bills for each product and each free trade agreement used. What’s better than Trade Digital Solutions in such cases?

3. Import declaration review and monitoring: As a best practice, many companies have their customs brokers check that their import declarations are correct and follow the rules. Even for importers who do a lot of business, this monitoring can be done well with the right tools and processes. These are the most sought-after forms of Outsource Trade Services in current trading scenarios.

 4. Resolving export sanction hits: Countries like China, the US, and the European Union put different sanctions and restrictions on exports to certain places and people. Trade teams must create systems, controls, and processes to screen parties to export transactions and evaluate and fix system hits. As far as Outsource Trade Services go, you can not go wrong with conflict resolution by streamlining operations using innovative partners.


This work is vital to improve compliance and keep costs down. Still, it requires an extensive network of people in different places with different technical skills and systems to give them the visibility they need to manage each transaction, day after day and year after year. ​

Using the Outsource Trade Services of Trade Technologies, the most labor-intensive parts of this job, trade compliance can be made much more accessible worldwide. Connect to raise your productivity bars today.

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