Which Type Of Rolling Paper Suits Your Needs The Best

Lovers of tobacco know the value of a good hand-rolled cigarette. Smoking is considered an art in its own for the right reason. The right rolling paper can make all the difference to the roll. With a boom in the number of smokers all over the world, there has been a boom in all aspects of the industry. There are a whole lot of options to choose from when it comes to rolling papers. Are you someone who is feeling confused about the type of rolling paper you should go for? Here are a few criteria that can help you decide which rolling paper will suit you the best.

#1 Size matters

Based on the amount that you would like to smoke, the size of the paper will make a lot of difference. The standard available sizes of the paper are Single Wide, One and One-quarter inch, One and One-half inch, Double wide and King Size. A double wide is around 3 inches long, almost equivalent to the size of a Blu cigs e-cigarette while a king-size is 4.3 inches long. The general rule of thumb is, the wider and longer a rolling paper is, the more it can be stuffed.

#2 The material of the paper

Mainly there are three major types of materials used in the making of rolling papers- wood pulp, rice, and hemp. Hemp rolling papers are the least processed of the lot and much stronger. Rice rolling papers are much lighter and are ash-free. Wood pulp papers are available more easily and stay lit for a longer time. Many smokers today prefer the unprocessed, natural versions of rolling paper.

#3 Flavor

If you are looking for an added zing in your smoke, add a flavored rolling paper to the mix. Add a citrus flavor or blueberry flavor to your joint and surprise your friends. They increase the sensory experience but burns away faster than the unflavored ones.

Choosing the right rolling paper depends on a variety of factors. Just like the evolution of different pipe screens, rolling papers have also evolved to bring a different vibe to the smoking experience. The modern tobacco smokers find a lot of variety for himself. Whether you are someone still trying to get the hang of it, or trying to switch things up, rolling papers can certainly make all the difference.

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