WHILL Ci: Ultra-portable Power Wheelchair

With a considerably reduced footprint and a 45 percent smaller turning radius, the WHILL Ci ultra-portable electric wheelchair can handle confined locations. The electromagnetic brakes ensure safe, smooth stopping even on inclines, while the anti-sway feature keeps the vehicle moving in a straight line on side slopes. The WHILL Ci power chair can be controlled remotely using an iPhone app. You can lock and unlock the wheelchair to keep it secure, select the optimal driving mode for you, and view important device data and battery status to make sure the wheelchair is working properly.

The WHILL Ci ultra-portable power wheelchair’s two strong motors and wide front Omni-wheels enable it to easily navigate obstacles up to 2″ in height. It is simple to access the device’s power, four-speed options, safety horn, and battery life indicator. The Model Ci may be easily customized to fit you and provide a comfortable driving experience, from the seat height and depth to the controller position. For easy access and barrier-free use at tables, the arms simply rotate out of the way. Voice notifications let you know if there are any operational errors with the chair.

Features of the WHILL Model Ci

  • Sharp turns
  • Flexible controls
  • 2″ clearance for obstacles
  • 5 mph maximum speed, 10-mile range
  • Outstanding stability and durability
  • Easily transportable in any vehicle
  • A small wheelbase and a slim frame
  • Utilize the optional smart key to lock and unlock.
  • All-day comfort is provided with the ergonomic controller.

Also Includes

  • USB port
  • Armrests
  • Built-in horn
  • Seat cushion
  • Battery charger
  • Built-in USB port
  • Backrest cushion
  • Voice-activated error messages
  • Storage underneath the seat
  • Lithium-Ion battery [25.2V 10Ah]
  • iPhone app (connects via Bluetooth)

Significant Benefits in a Small Frame

Drive across town and into your neighborhood cafe with the utmost confidence knowing that the Model Ci will easily access the landscape in front of it and blend into any setting.

  1. Have a substantially smaller footprint than conventional power mobility devices and can fit through narrower areas.
  2. Move through tight spaces with a turning radius that is 45% less than tiller-controlled mobility devices.
  3. Easily traverse rocky terrain with a 2.25 “clearing of the ground.
  4. Easily overcome obstacles up to 2 “With its two strong engines and substantial front Omni-wheels, it grows in height.

The Latest Technology at Your Fingertips

You may easily traverse your world and feel comfortable all day long with the aid of a responsive, ergonomic, and simple-to-use controller. Knowing that Model Ci will offer the appropriate response and input to keep you riding safely will let you stay involved in your activities and love your environment.

  • The USB port inside can be used to charge your mobile devices.
  • Use the optional Smart Key to lock and unlock.
  • Power, four speed options, a safety horn, and a battery life indicator are all conveniently located.
  • You are informed by voice notifications when the Model Ci experiences operational issues.
  • For simple access and barrier-free use at tables, the footplate folds up and the arms simply rotate out of the way.
  • Even on slopes, electromagnetic brakes offer safe and comfortable stopping.
  • On side slopes, the device’s anti-sway mechanism aids in maintaining a straight line of travel.


With the most recent bluetooth controls and 3G connectivity, you may experience greater independence and peace of mind while still receiving superior support. Use the iPhone and Android* app to control the Model Ci from a distance, lock/unlock it to keep it safe, and select the best drive mode for you. Access important device data and battery status as well to make sure your Model Ci is running at its peak efficiency.




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