How Much Does it Cost to Build a White Label Crypto Wallet?

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The demand for Cryptocurrency wallets is increasing when cryptocurrencies are entering the business market. With the rising adoption of cryptocurrencies as an investment asset, and digital payments option, people who own cryptos should be familiar with cryptocurrency wallets and their uses.

A trader can store their asset, or coin and allow them to send and receive a cryptocurrency/ bitcoin transaction. So, Every trader is using a cryptocurrency wallet for their crypto-based business, investment business, and their transactions. In this article, we aim to learn more about the complete package details of white-label crypto wallet cost and interesting facts to know about it.

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what is a cryptocurrency wallet and how does it work?

As we all know that crypto wallet is a market-ready white-label solution that is designed for various benefits such as storing your asset, trading, exchanging, transactions, and sending and receiving cryptos.

You asset (coin) on blockchain nodes and the crypto wallet software which enable you to interact with the balances held at an address. The wallet itself stores addresses and allows its owners to move your asset elsewhere while also permitting you to see the balance at the given address. Understanding the Private and Public keys.

Private Key: Your private key proves ownership of the respective public key and must be kept secure and secret.

Public Key: Your Public Key enables you to receive cryptocurrency transactions; it is public and accessible to anyone in the system.

White Label Crypto Wallet Price

The Cost to build a cryptocurrency wallet depends upon wallet types, white-label cryptocurrency wallet solutions, market-ready white-label crypto wallet apps, and Integrating customized features into your cryptocurrency wallet. Each coin and token needs its own time and effort to integrate. The price of a wallet is directly proportional to the number of coins or tokens that will be stored in it. Size of your crypto wallet app, and last but not least is the Design of your crypto wallet which is a primary parameter in the success of your crypto wallet.A UI/UX design plan will cost more, but it will save you money in the long term. A basic cryptocurrency wallet with fundamental features can be starting from the price of $10,000.

Going for a wallet development that focuses only on the core features in the initial version is a cost-effective way to keep the budget in check. It will assist you in providing an excellent customer experience at a reasonable cost. Starting a cryptocurrency wallet from scratch to project completed is very costly than others. Get the complete package details of building white label crypto wallet quotation here and get a live demo of set-up your wallet.

Technology stack

The software platform used for cryptocurrency wallet app development has an impact on the overall cost. A modern tech stack can also propel your mobile app to the forefront of digital innovations.

Programming Languages: Java, Python, Rust, Go, and more

Databases: MySQL, Quantum Ledger Database, PostgreSQL, BigchainDB, and more.

Must-Have Core features in your Crypto Wallet

Features are determined by your cryptocurrency wallet’s performance and getting user experiences. Explained the core features of the white-label cryptocurrency wallet app.

* Authorization

* Conversion value

* Real-Time Currency Rate

* Wallet Adress List

* Transactions

* Coin Integration

* Feature Rich API

* Security

* Push Notification

We at Maticz deliver white-label crypto wallet development services and solutions to build a white-label cryptocurrency wallet with core functionalities that assist you in achieving your objectives. We provide highly secure and flexible wallet infrastructure at an affordable price, whether you need a white-label wallet or a new wallet.

The Bottom Line

To begin, you should research what type of wallet is best for you, as well as the options available to you in terms of cost and security. Those interested in taking the next step in their business can invest in your cryptocurrency wallet.

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