White Metal Bearing Services and its technicality

White metal bearings are those essential elements in a rotary device, which is a simple sense means that it is a composite bearing. While conferring about the mechanism and the concept, hard crystals are dispersed in a soft metal bearing, and as the metal layer in the bearing eventually wears out, the less hard areas also erode and make way for the lubricant to seep in and reduce the friction. Likewise, the softer material also plays a major role in protecting the bearing from any damage that may likely be caused by the abrasive particles. Due to the fact that the bearing is relatively a soft metal, the abrasive materials embed under the bearing surface thereby averting any damage to the bearing journal.


Going to the narrative about the white metal bearing, the metal was first brought into existence by Isaac Babbitt, in the year 1839. As a mark of appreciation and regard, white metal is also known as Babbitt Metal. Since its invention, it has been extensively used as a running layer on plain bearings. Its high static and dynamic load-bearing capacities, and very low sensitivity to edge pressure make it the most preferred bearing metal. The process of renewing the bearing is called re-babbitting.

white metal bearing services

white metal bearing services

Getting the best performance from the bearings is not an easy task but all the same, it is not impossible either. However, there are certain factors that the performance of the bearings is dependent on.

Proper designing, the right offset, and enhancing the load-bearing capacity of the shaft are the key aspects that have to be taken into account.

  • Installation of the bearings, accurate alignment, and reduction of distortion are the key aspects to be emphasized, which otherwise may lead to overload, hence must be carefully carried out.
  • Another important aspect is the lubrication, which must be monitored well because the friction of the shaft and the allied movable parts must be supplied with oil which otherwise certainly causes friction thereby leading to excessive wear and tear.
  • Seal maintenance is one of the critical factors, especially in water pumps and oil pumps. If proper sealing is not carried out then the seawater that can enter the bearings cause unpleasant damage and end up in the replacement of the shaft.
  • In this sector, WWG Engineering has been making outstanding undertakings in manufacturing and white metal bearing services. All the activities pertaining to the manufacture of white metal bearings like the centrifugal casting process, pro-casting machining works, and so on carried out in the in-house area. Mainly the tin-based white metal is made use of in the process, rather than lead-based, owing to its high load-bearing capacities, and its environmentally friendly aspect.

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