While speaking about White metal bearing and services, it is first necessary to know about the term white metal bearing. What makes the term unique and curious? In general, white metal in a layman’s language is just another piece of metal that is white or bright silvery in colour…!!! But however it is not just that. In industrial and technological terminology white metal bearings are those metal bearings that are a dependable part of equipment especially where the rotational motion in involved and pertaining machinery has to run for longer periods of time, requiring very less maintenance.


Certain alloys possess perfect characteristics that are made for manufacturing bearings; these are made up of small hard crystals dispersed in a softer metal, thereby rendering it a metal matrix composite. Upon wear out, the softer metal grind down and create conduit for lubricants to enter the structure, which are the main load bearing areas. Nevertheless, these white metal bearings must be attrition resilient and hard to a particular extent and must be having a comparatively low coefficient of friction and at the same time be tough while being ductile as well.

Although pure metals are usually strong and ductile but due to their high coefficient of friction they do not make a fitting choice, on the other hand any lead based or tin based alloys like Tin-lead and tin-copper and babbitt metal are ideal for making such White metal bearing. Practically these white metal bearings are used in oil-lubricated systems, and ensure different design features depending on shaft speed, bearing load, shaft stability.


White metal bearings play a significant role in turbines generators and other industrial equipment and are designed to support the weight of the shaft, while providing a non-damaging surface for the high speed rotation. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology issues such as bearing cooling, alignment problems and electrical insulating requirements, load and speed are tackled by integrating with vibration and temperature sensors and suitable cooling solutions are added as well. However, these too need timely servicing and maintenance by experienced and qualified technicians to lengthen their life and improvised performance.

White Metal Bearing Services in Singapore

White Metal Bearing Services in Singapore

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