White Silk Aviator Scarf – It’s All About Timeless Practicality!

There are classic aviator scarf varieties also, which are devoid of fringes and are equally appealing in look as well as feel. However, they are slightly shorter and narrower than other aviator scarves.

The great white aviator scarf! When someone thinks of a pilot flying an open-cockpit plane, the image that is automatically conjured is one of a guy wearing a white silk aviator scarf with a leather jacket. Indeed, the white silk scarf has achieved such an iconic status in the fashion world but its first use by flyers had practical origins.

Because the cockpits were open, the wind would naturally blow down the neck of pilots. To ward off the wind, one option was to wear a jacket with a high, tight collar but this limited the motion of pilots. They need to move their necks freely so they could look around without difficulty. In addition, flying jackets are typically made of leather that can cause chafing around the neck.

Rip wheeler yellowstone black jacket

Wearing a scarf to cover the gap in the neck made much more sense. When this was decided, the search for the right fabric came next. A woolen scarf may work against the cold wind but like leather it can also cause chafing. A soft, smooth and tightly-woven fabric is a must and while there are many fabrics like that today, back then the material could only be silk.

In addition, the silk fabric also protected the neck from chafing because of its constant contact with the leather jacket. As to the reason why the color of the scarf is white, there are many theories but no definite answers. A probable theory is that the aviator scarves were also commonly worn as opera scarves so they had to be white to match a gentleman’s formal black and white suit.

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