Who Can Apostille Documents in India

What Apostille Means?

Apostille is the process of legalization of documents in a country that are accepted as legal and genuine in the member states of the Hague Convention. The apostille is important when traveling abroad in member countries. Apostille has done away with the lengthy process of document verification that requires verification in both the source and destination countries.

India became a member of the Hague Convention in 2005 and since then the Apostille India is considered a legal document in all other 90 member states. Whether you are going for study or business, you will need your personal or business document Apostille. Here we will tell you how you can find the best apostille services in India to do this job.

How to apply for Apostille?

Apostille in India can be done online through e-Sanad portal or through government authorized apostille services. E-Sanad is a new portal for certificate verification and Apostille India applications. It currently certifies CBSE documents issued after 2014 and other documents verification will be processed in the coming years.

As per the new rules of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), a person cannot apply for Apostille document directly and he can apply for Apostille only through agencies. So people need to contact Apostille Services to get their Apostille Documents. Wondering what apostille services are?

What are Apostille services?

Since individuals are not allowed to directly apostille documents, the government has empowered certain agencies to process the Apostille India application for its citizens. A list of authorized agencies that can perform apostille of documents can be found on the website of the Ministry of External Affairs. These apostille service providers collect documents from their customers, submit them to Regional Authentication Centers (RACs), receive the customer’s apostille and hand over the documents with the apostille stickers to the customers. There are many benefits to obtaining apostille documents through these agencies.

  • It saves an individual’s time and effort in visiting the government offices repeatedly
  • The documents are safe and secured as these are handled by the government authorized agencies
  • It eliminates the cost of bribery and such extra expenditures given to clerks and peons to get the attestation job done. Through agencies, the people have to pay only the attestation fee and agency service charges
  • The Apostille services agency takes the responsibility of handling your documents and getting your Apostille document delivered on time

So now you know that it is better to entrust your Apostille India application process to outsourced agencies. But how do you find the best apostille service in India?

Who will apostille documents in india?

There are many agencies that claim to be the best apostille services and certificate verification service providers. Some are authorized and some are not. Hence choosing the best Apostille services can be a daunting task. Before choosing a service provider, it is recommended that people check the following:

  • The government authorization certificate and ID of their agency
  • What are their service charges? Because you won’t like to pay Rs. 5000 service charge for   a Rs. 50 Apostille document.
  • How much time do they take to process the Apostille India application?
  • Do the Apostille services agencies pledge to keep your documents safe and confidential?
  • Do they take all the responsibility for getting the right documents from you and hand over the Apostille document with the Apostille sticker on it?
  • Check the reviews on their website and Google and consult friends or relatives who have already taken service from any agencies.


You must deliver your apostille document on time so that your foreign travel is not affected. It is also important that your personal and business documents are safe and secure and that the confidentiality of the documents is not compromised. Therefore it becomes necessary that the apostille services chosen by you are good, reputed and responsible. Worldwide Transcript is a premium authorized apostille service provider that helps to process all types of apostille applications, whether for education purpose or business purpose. To get your Apostille document safely and securely without compromising your data, contact Worldwide Transcript now.

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