Who Can Consume Protein Powder?

Protein powder helps in providing the right amount of nutrients to an individual. It is a famous nutritional supplement that has macronutrients that helps in building muscle, repairing tissues, making enzymes and hormones. Regular use of protein powder can aid weight loss and tone the muscles. The protein powder is available in two types- plant-based protein powder and dairy-based protein powder. The whey protein made in India is available in both dairy-based and plant-based as many people follow a vegetarian diet. Therefore, it offers a healthy option for everyone as per their choice. Let us look at the various health benefits of nutritional supplements.

1. Health benefits– A good amount of protein is necessary for building strong bones, skin, and muscles. It is also required to let your body make essential enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals. The two biggest health benefits of protein powder include weight management and muscle growth.

2. Weight management– consuming protein-rich foods and supplements make people feel fuller. When you feel full, your frequent snacking also reduces that as a result helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. It can also lead to weight loss if necessary. Some of the best protein powders in India help in reducing body weight. It can help obese people cut down their total body weight. Whey protein made in India also reduces total cholesterol, blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

3. Muscle growth– Many gym enthusiasts and gymnasts consume the best protein powder in India as they believe it helps them to bulk up after training. As per research, it is proved that protein powder consumption improves muscle strength and size in heavy adults. It works best for people who are into lifting weights. Consumption of whey protein is equally effective in women and men. But the effectiveness may reduce with age as younger people have a lower protein requirement.

4. Recovery post-exercise– Protein powder intake helps in repairing damaged tissues and muscles. Thus, athletes use more protein supplements to recover faster from muscle soreness post-exercise. Protein powder intake after exercising also reduces muscle damage and boosts muscle performance.

5. Added nutrition– For people above 19 years of age, it is recommended to consume protein 46g (female) and 56g (male). People who do not consume non-vegetarian food can opt for plant-based protein powder. People who are older, weight lifters or have chronic diseases are recommended to intake more protein than normal individuals.

There are several types of protein supplements or powders available in the market today like whey, casein, peas, soy, and hemp. Protein shakes are available in different quantities, qualities, and prices.

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