Who can wear Gomed?

Gemstones are always glorifying. Today as we are residing in this superfast modern era of digitalization, we can purchase everything online, thereby the beautiful pieces of gemstones. You can now buy gemstones online from various gemstone suppliers regardless of the place you are sitting in the world. Hessonite is one of such beautiful gemstones that makes an elegant jewelry statement besides being astrologically beneficial.

          Gomed or Hessonite is a precious stone that carries endless benefits for its wearer. Read out the detailed Benefits of Gomed or Hessonite Gemstone and avail all of them. However, to be a wearer of Gomed, you have to be a little conscious. Since Rahu is the ruling planet of Hessonite, it should be worn after complete & careful examination, as Rahu can be auspicious for one but can be malefic for another one at the same time. So you need to consult an expert astrologer or go through the below-prescribed conditions before opting for it.


Who should wear a Gomed and who should not..?

It is believed that Rahu glorifies the Gemini sign while malefic the Sagittarius. Therefore, based on Rahu’s position in the zodiac signs of Mercury, Gomed gemstone should be worn.

                                                                                                                                             600X600 GOMED BANNER

Who should wear..?


For Rahu, it is said that it is a malefic planet that grabs all the powers of the master of the house where it is located. Individuals who have Gemini, Libra, Taurus, or Aquarius as their zodiac sign can wear Gomed gemstone. When Rahu is positioned in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house of your horoscope, i.e., the center, then you must wear a Hessonite. In addition to this, if Rahu is situated in the 2nd, 3rd, 9th, or 11th eleventh house, then also wearing this gemstone is beneficial.

          In the case of Rahu, Rahu is believed to be the lord of Capricorn, which denotes auspicious sentiments; henceforth, wearing Gomed increases the benefits for the owners of the Capricorn Zodiac sign. When Rahu combines with the powerful Sun and makes a vision or place in or on Leo, then people with Leo sign need to wear Hessonite gems. Whereas when Rahu conjunct with the planet Venus then Mercury sign owners should also wear Gomed gemstone. Those who have a Rahu triangle in their horoscope or birth chart should wear the jewel of a hessonite garnet stone.


Who should not wear..?


Although Rahu itself is sited in the 6th and 8th house of its native, wearing a Hessonite stone should be avoided by those who have Rahu situated in their 6th, 8th, or 12th house of horoscope.

Since ancient times, gemstones play a proven and vital role in all of our lives. They widely affect the human energy fields sometimes positively while adversely at times. Besides the energy field, mindset and thought process together work to frame and govern one’s deeds and actions.

                   Therefore, in addition to all the above-mentioned details, it is always advisable to seek expert advice before wearing any gem piece. So if you are also looking out to buy Gomed online, rely upon a trusted gemstone dealer like Navratan and do consult a learned astrologer along with your birth chart for the best and relevant recommendation. Get 100% original and natural Gomed or Hessonite gemstones online at the best price. 

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