Who Has Invented Masala Dosa? Know The History Of Masala Dosa Recipe

masala dosa is originated from South India and it is known as Indian pancake. You can find various ingredients in masala dosa like, rice, black gram, potato, lentils, garam masala, coriander leaves, ginger, turmeric powder, red chili powder, vegetables, chopped green chili, curry leaves and much more. But, if you want to know the history behind this signature dish then you must read this article.

According to the historians, masala dosa was originated from Udupi which is known as Karnataka. This statement was given by the famous historian P. Thankappan Nair and there is a controversy regarding the invention of this dish, and according to K. T. Achaya masala dosa was used during ancient times in India. Tamil people used to have such masala dosa during ancient times. However, most of the people found a strong connection between masala dosa and Udupi because Tamil dosa is softer and thicker which was not considered as dosa.

Apart from that, you can find masala dosa recipe in Manasollasa, a Sanskrit enclyopedia compiled by Someshvera-III. Nowadays, you can find different variations of dosa in different regions of India and such kinds of masala dosas are also available in North Indian Cities. But, they have different taste, for example Mysore masala dosa is prepared with potato filling and eaten along with sambar, coconut and onion chutney.

Benefits of having masala dosa for breakfast:

Masala dosa is gluten-free and there is less amounts of sugar used in this recipe. You can prepare masala dosa without any oil and you can easily digest this dish without any issue. Masala dosa can provide enough carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins to your body. If you suffer from obesity then you can consume masala dosa to reduce your weight. Apart from that, you can find different kinds of dosa in India like, cheese dosa, atta dosa, egg dosa and chocolate dosa. Even non-vegetarian people can also add egg in their masala dosa recipe. If you want to prepare masala dosa in your home then you must try plain dosa first, then you can try out the masala one. In this regard, you can search masala dosa recipes online, and you will find different types of recipes online. Even you can also follow the online recipe video to prepare masala dosa. It is suggested to use less spices in your masala dosa filling and you can prepare it with oats, carrot, tomato, spinach and other vegetables. Even you can add noodles in your dosa to make it in a different style.

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