Who is a Cloud Ops Engineer? What Are Their Tasks?

Cloud operations engineers maintain and oversee cloud-based systems. They work with various technologies, such as networking equipment, servers, and storage facilities, to ensure that everything is operating well so customers can have reliable services. Organisations looking for a professional to monitor performance metrics and identify and resolve issues promptly should hire an experienced cloud ops engineer.

When do you need one?

Your organisation could use the help of cloud ops engineers to optimise the delivery of a platform, solution, or product. A cloud DevOps engineer applies software development practices combining software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops) for optimum results. They also use the latest industry best practices, and tools to help organisations overcome security complexities in a cloud environment.

A cloud ops engineer also fulfils other critical duties and responsibilities for your organisation. Here are some of the tasks they can handle:

  • Implement automation solutions to streamline processes, like creating programs or scripts to run specific tasks automatically on computer systems.
  • Implement security measures to prevent unauthorised use or access to data.
  • Monitor cloud computing systems in real-time to ensure optimum performance and availability.
  • Create and implement custom disaster recovery solutions to mitigate risks caused by human error or natural disasters.
  • Monitor activity logs and identify signs of malware or intrusions to maintain the security of the organisation’s systems.
  • Conduct capacity planning to help organisations scale to meet demand.
  • Monitor the health of applications
  • Recommend improvements to the application architecture to improve performance and efficiency.

Seamlessly optimise your infrastructure

cloud DevOps engineer applies an enterprise DevOps strategy as a service to seamlessly optimise your system and reduce the occurrence of issues. Every optimised stage functions seamlessly for a cost-effective and reliable DevOps strategy. Reputable cloud ops engineers use only proven tools, such as Bitbucket Terraform and Jenkins to implement seamless DevOps automation that suits your requirements.

Should you hire one?

Working with a cloud ops engineer to implement DevOps automation can let you focus on other crucial tasks. Reputable cloud DevOps engineers will provide continuous release and deployment with reliable and stable operating environments.

About the Author:

Thomas Radosh is the Founder of Deployflow, a cloud-based company in the UK that helps you implement the correct strategy with cost efficiency and timely delivery. Deployflow offers various services like Cloud transformation services, DevOps secure automation, and IT managed services integrated with your existing platforms.

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