Who Performed first Hajj in Islam?

In Islam, Prophet Muhammad performed first Hajj as he received the revelation and order to perform Hajj in 10 AH. At that time he loudly announced his intention to perform Hajj. It was the fulfillment of the order of Allah Almighty. It was the first and last also called as farewell Hajj of Prophet Muhammad after which he stated the summary of Islam.

Who performed the first Hajj in history?

Hazrat Ibrahim performed first Hajj in history when he was asked to build Kabah and to invite people towards single Allah. He with his son Hazrat Ibrahim constructed Holy Kabah and asked people to make it the place of worshipping Allah Almighty. He was against idol worship and was sent to spread monotheistic religion everywhere.

How Hazrat Ibrahim performed Hajj?

When he had ended the construction of Kabah, Allah ordered him to complete seven rounds around Holy Kabah in anti-clockwise direction. Prophet Muhammad repeated this activity of Prophet Ibrahim in 10 AH.

What is Hajj importance in Islam?

Hajj has been given too much importance in Islam as it is the fifth basic pillar and provides flabbergasting rewards to those who perform it. It represents the unity of Muslims in front of whole world.

Here are the points that indicated its importance:

• It brings simplicity in human beings and makes them humble.
• It is the first step in preparing oneself for the Day of Judgment.
• It washes away the past sins.
• It is the submission of oneself in front of Allah Almighty.
• Muslims become the guests of Allah and enjoy His great and amazing blessings.
• It ends poverty and promotes international trade.
• It creates love among the whole Ummah.
• Hajj is the best way to achieve spiritual purification, spiritual perfection and closeness of the Creator.
• Muslims spend their money and leave their families behind only to make Allah happy and to commemorate the acts of Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Hajra and Prophet Muhammad.

How Prophet Muhammad completed his first Hajj?

Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) received the order of performing Hajj in 10 AH. At that time, he with his 14 hundred companions travelled from Madinah to Makkah to carry out the rites of Hajj. He performed the rites in the arrangement as given below:

• He put Ihram and also told his companions how to put Ihram
• Performed the Tawaf of Holy Kabah
• Kissed the Black Stone while performing Tawaf
• Performed Sa’eey
• Made a stay at Arafat
• Stay at Muzdalifah
• Stay at Mina
• Animal sacrifice
• Halq
• Tawaf ul Wida
• Declared his last sermon also called as farewell sermon of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

He performed Hajj in all the steps given above and asked Muslims to perform all the rites of Hajj in the similar way. He also performed four Umrahs in life. Here you may get confused about Umrah. What is Umrah? It is the Sunnah act of Hazrat Muhammad that can be carried out at any time of the year to perform Ziyarah of most sacred sites.

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