Whole House Ventilation Fan

Even if you live in an area with a moderate climate, summer temperatures can soar and make your home uncomfortable. But you don’t have to keep relying on your air-conditioning system all day and night. A whole house ventilation fan will suffice for most cooling requirements, so you only have to use your air conditioner during the hottest times of the day.


A whole house fan is a system that brings in the cool air from outside during the coolest hours to cool your living space. At the same time, it helps draw air into the attic to cool the area. The result is a cooler and more comfortable home at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.


How does it differ from an exhaust system and attic fan?


It works like an exhaust system but it’s not an attic fan. A whole house ventilation fan pulls hot air into the attic and uses positive pressure to remove attic air through the vents. At the same time, negative pressure occurs in the living area to pull cooler air in through the windows.


In contrast, attic fans only serve to force hot air out of your attic and won’t provide cooling to the living area of your home. Whole house fans are installed in your attic, but they are more effective at cooling the entire house or building. The best place to install them is on the highest ceiling.


Practical and more economical


The whole house ventilation fan can substantially reduce the temperature in a building or home. It’s more affordable than running your air conditioner, and newer models are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You’ll also find new whole house fans that are quieter than older models.


Tips for effective cooling


Choose a fan according to the size of your living space. Make the most of the whole house fan’s cooling benefits by opening the windows in the morning or evening when it’s running, specifically when the outside air is fresher and cooler. That way, cooler air can enter your home.


If you live in a place with a mild and temperate climate, your whole house ventilation fan can eliminate the need to install or use central air conditioning. Its operating costs are much lower than an air conditioner’s, and it can potentially decrease your energy costs by 80 percent.


About the Company:


Whole House Fan is an authorized distributor of QuietCool whole house fans, attic fans, and garage exhaust fans, helping people with their cooling needs since 2001. They offer fantastic whisper-quiet, safety-tested fans at an affordable price. These high-volume fans move  1250 to 6400 cubic feet of air per minute, effectively pushing out the hot air, pollutants, and germs and allowing fresh and cool air from outside to come in. The energy efficiency of these fans is off the charts, providing you with ROI in energy savings within two years of purchase. Visit the website to buy one now or call 1.888.229.5757 for free expert advice.

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