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Since Matthewas spurt the ankle in the preseason, we can only expect him to improve after the injury. However, this week, Matthew will face the crow of crow, Trell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil, and Pi Nail McPhee (Pernell McPhee) The flushing efficiency is 8.5 and 10.4 and 13.2, respectively, and their 仨 冲 传 传 效 效 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名

Owens’s career is ranked in history, the sixth (1078 times), the number of people in the history is the third (153 times), the number of ball code is second to Jerry Rice (15934 code). Last year, I took over Andre Reed to select a famous Hall, his number of ball codes and the number of balls reached 2736 yards than Owens and 66 times, and his career is better than Owens a season, yes, he and Owens are not in an era, but it is hard to imagine that Owens will not be selected.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Mike Garafolo reported that the assistant coach Mike Gloh will be responsible for filling the vacancies of Lake. However, the tactical layout in the game will still be performed by the head of Doug Pederson. Pederson finally chooses to promote Glo, which is responsible for guiding the outer hand, rather than running guards Duce Staley.

Why is Mercedes? In fact, the Falcon has previously announced that the future home will be named Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Obviously Jones needs to buy a Mercedes-Benz to park, not BMW or Ferrari.

After the 2018, the season was completed after at least 110 times, Williams’ status declined last season. He did not start the battle, and only 16 cockroaches were completed in 13 games, and he was banned from a serious foul.

Jack – Matthews’s new show season

This year’s six new show, Atlanta Falcon’s left disappearance Jake Matthews is not good in this season, and it is not possible to make people expected. Especially in the face of the New York giant, the defensive players were fired, and only the downturn -9.9 score, and the Poetry of the Chicago Bear team is already the best season.

Falcon Board: Hurio-Jones is ready to buy new car

Atlanta Falcon’s boss Arthur Blank said that the team is about to complete the renewal of Julio Jones, and Jones can take this money to buy new cars.

Burns said: “(Redick) will add a completeness to the team. He can do a lot of things & mdash; & mdash; I can also let us be responsible for the side of the side, the opponent should be carefully selected. They can’t pack we simultaneously, and they can’t only pack the middle guards. & Hellip; & hellip; we will compete for the number of kills, you must be prepared. “

Matthews is very bad on the shirt cover and ground cover. In 58 players who are eligible to pass the shielding efficiency list, he only ranks 57 in the 175-speed ball cover 18 times. Press the quarter from the part. Currently, his -15.3 owner and the top cover of -7.8 ground cover score is only second.

Treier Owens does not care if they can be selected for celebrities

The front NFL quartz Weret Falf (Brett Favre) is considered to be willing to enter the celebrities in 2016, but Trell Owens (TRREL OWENS)?

After the super bow is better than the patriot, the Eagle 4-point guards, John Defilippo, and Lake. But because Pederson has always been responsible for attack tactical layout, the outside world also guess the eagle will not find new coordinators.

Williams and the defensive end of the previously signed defensive end J. J. J. J. Watt, the Malcolm Butler, http://Forum.vkmoravia.Cz helped the Red Spits to enhance the defensive group. In terms of offensive, the rickets signed Williams’ front teammates & mdash; & mdash; external take-up A.j. Green (A.j. Green), career bowl of central Rodney Hudney Hudson.

“I know, he will give me a power.” Burns said, “So if he is in my other side & mdash; & mdash; he has completed the killing, it will prompt me to complete the killing. I can affirm our Competitiveness will show it. We will kill than fight, I will try to exceed him every game, and he is clear this. “

Blanco said: “Our office is 50 yards from the stadium. When I drove to the parking lot, I found that all the car is all Mercedes, which makes me very disappointed, this is coming to me and my team. It is a challenge. Now I have 2 great players, Matt Ryan and Hario Jones, you know Jones immediately to complete the contract with us, he will open a different The Mercedes-Benz appeared, then is your car sales ready? “

Gllow has started to serve the assistant coach in NFL in 2013, and he has already taken more than ten years to guide the experience of college football. During his 2006-2008, he served as the offense coordinator of Virginia University, and later taught at the University of Alabama and Louisville University. Before you join the eagle last year, he worked in the bear and the ram.

His new teammate Hassan-Reddick is also a similar situation, but in the 13th week of last season, Redick completed 5 kills, and it was true to make the fans. The two will promote each other in the black panther and strive to play a reputation in the alliance.

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