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Linqi injury is doubts on the arrayship leader

Seattle Hawks’ Run Marshawn Lynch is listed as “It is possible to play” in the list of games in the Chief of Kansas.

After completing 140 yards in the game last week, the 140-yard rushing ball and 4 reached the game, cheap jerseys Lin Qi was passed through the team training because the ribs were injured until Friday. Pete Carroll said: “He just need to rest, this year we let him run too much, he is overloaded, but today his training is good.”

On Friday, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale Lynch participated in the audience, Lynch received a 2-day rest time this week to deal with the next game, just missed a game in his career in the past 5 years.

In addition, the neighborhood of the sea eagle, wholesale nfl jerseys Luke Willson, and Jeremy Lane, are listed as “possibly”.

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