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Pilot: Bakner seems to have permanent motion

A small horse’s defensive performance is very good: the field allows the squad to promote the code number of code. What will I do with Duringrest Buckner? The offensive group that faces the pony will be headaches every week.

Previously, the NFL bosses watched the Auckland raid and San Diego flashing joint proposed Kassen stadium plan. The bosses also received the recommendation of the Alliance Committee: the Board of Six members recommended Karson program.

“I think people who are responsible for broadcasting on Friday and Saturday, you and the production group talked about, you and like (Jason Witten), like (Tony) Romo ((Tony Romo) ) And Ronde (Barber) talked … These people, you can see that they have played an excellent player, they still have the ability to continue to participate in this sport. “Chicley said.” I think this part is very attracted to me. “

Our New England patriots Super superstar Braddy is very angry in the game of Green Bay packaging work on Sunday. At that time, there were more than 2 minutes of competition time, Aaron Rodgers found Randall Cobb to complete the first attack transformation in sports.

“I think it is,” McCahn is asked whether it is considered when nfl jerseys began to coach career. “If you ask me 10 years ago, I will say it impossible, I don’t have the intention of the coach in the career stadium. I am leaving the university, if I can’t play in NFL, I will go to teach Dick Sas of the high school team. I really felt that this would be my path. But the longer in this alliance, I have seen a team of a team and compete on the highest level of competition. When that When I arrived, I totally think that I may become a coach, I hope to enter a team, I will teach them and help them. Help them work better every day, obviously to help them chase the champion. Yes, no matter what At this day, whenever I finally hang boots and retired, I really believe that I may do this in the future. “

The team owner passed the Board of the Ram Old Bark Stan Kroenke at 30-2, but the ram can choose whether to share the stadium with another team. In this team option, the leader is San Diego lightning, followed by the Auckland raid. Lightning can work hard before January 16, 2017 to share the new stadium together, and if they can’t succeed, they will forward the raid. This gives San Diego City to keep lightning. However, according to observation, there is a sufficient motive to perform this option and leave San Diego as soon as possible. According to Stephen Ross, Stephen Ross revealed that the team that failed to relocate in raids and lightning will receive $ 100 million compensation to build a new court.

The lions are afraid to the Johnson in the game of the Kansas City chief. He said that this ankle injury did not cause him to absent several games last season and the injury declined in the several games later.

“It’s hard to tell the eagle,”, I will join Texas play. & Rsquo; But, finally I know that my inner heart wants to come to the team base and teammate stay, from the distance for the team effect & mdash Even though this is very good, this is not the same. So, you can stay in the team is the most important. “

Chikli and many players in recent years have been retired when they have peaks in their peaks. As of now, he said that he didn’t want to fight the body confrontation. But he still hopes that his future is related to this movement.

According to reports, the team owners are very happy to reach this agreement. New England Patriot Board Robert Kraft Kraft, whose thumbs up when leaving the venue, said “This is a great solution.” The New York Giant Board Steve Tisk said “Individuals I am satisfied with this result. I lived in Los Angeles for 45 years.” The raw fellow Eric Dickson (Eric Dickers) said in the tweet “Welcome Home!”

“At the end of the season, I really sat down and carefully considered retirement. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to play 8 years, my people are great, everyone is very good for me in the Carolina Black Panther team. They taught me a lot of … After the season, the environment I couldn’t stay again, “Basel said in an interview. “I only know that I have already poured all, объявления-оренбурга.xn--p1ai honestly, I would like to end. This is nothing to do with the changes in the coach group, I just think that I have given all my heart, I have given everything I have, Time to the different directions. “

The small horse is transferred to the 248.9 yard from the season, and the ranking is more than 10. With Bakner, Shelton, Sheldon Day, after Justin Houston, the opposite sanctuary felt more pressure, and the situation of rushing should also increase significantly.

Bakner, which was selected for the best lineup, said: “During the team, enhanced defense is too great. The video is like a permanent motion. But you can’t only look at the line guard, other defensive front line members It is also ready to go, ready to tear the opposite offensive front line. I think this will make our line guard to show the space of the box, and more opportunities will be made. This can also share some defensive guards, because they don’t have to use It takes too much time to prevent it. “

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