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[A version of the column] Is it also fantasy? Today, Philadelphia Eagle is dangerous.

In the Sunday night game this week, the NBC TV station prefers in the National Liandong District, defending Champion Philadelphia Eagle actually lost to Dallas cowgirl at home, which made them fell to four wins and five negatives, and there were 16 in history. The defending champion failed to enter the playoffs in the second year, while the light has occurred in the 21st century, and the eagle will become the defending champion of the next unfortunate. Why is this quaternion? This article brings you to you:

Losing too many “this win” game

Since the opening season, I almost read all the nine games of this quarter, although the strength of the team is more regular than the strength of the team, I can think of whenever I remember the scenes and processes of these games. It is a strong attack, and the defensive group is rushing to the rushing. I will think that the strength of the eagle today, they should win seven or six victories, but why now their record is less than 50% Woolen cloth? In my opinion, they only win some of the opponents that are easy to solve, the four opponents, pony, giant, the Americas, the winning rate is less than 50%; those who are slightly difficult, they all lose all :

& mdash; & mdash; The passenger is against the pirates, started from attacking slow heat, and the defensive end is reached by the four “Fisot Magic”.

& mdash; & mdash; The passenger is in Titan, the overtime will be injected first in any ball, but finally by Titan’s 19th attack to take away the game.

& mdash; & mdash; home courtyards, the first three offensive is basically fully restricted.

& mdash; & mdash; home for cheap jerseys the Black Leopard, the first three sections 17 to 0 big score leader, and the result of the fourth quarter, the three remedy is reversed.

& mdash; & mdash; home to durney, the whole game is unclear, but the game is poor.

Almost five completely different global models, offense and defense always have a problem, and wholesale nfl jerseys then seized the opportunity to win the game. Almost all coaches in the North American sports industry agree with a point of view, defending champions! Not only because the defending champion should face the team to become a shake, the person is digging, and the bigger spiritual problem is that for many players (especially the old), they have just won the super bowl championship through unremitting efforts. The poor has only this ring in his life, and the drum is remembered and then the three is exhausted. I hope that the players who have just won the super bowl will once again to fight again, this is too difficult.

A small story, the seventh week of the main scene of the black leopard, the first three sections of the eagle defensive group, the panther offensive group, when the Wenz’s pass in the third day, the eagle will expand into 17 points, the eagle special group Do you dance in front of the kick? !

On the three sections, only 17 divisions began to celebrate, and finally the result of the black panther reversed, let people see this team’s Trust and scattered.

Large area injury brings a butterfly reaction

At the middle of the season, I have summed up, perhaps, in the last season, the majority of injuries in the last season caused enough attention to each team, and the teams must have a great budget for avoiding injuries in this year’s break and training camps. Prepare, so the injury situation of each team this year, it has a great change over season, and it is in the past, and this year’s injuries is the least five years.

It is because all teams alliances do not have much injuries. Some teams will make the team’s smaller landslides, such as American tiger and falcon, such as the protagonist of this article:

This season, the Eagle offensive code number ranks 13th, but the score can only be ranked 21, the reason is that their red zone efficiency will drop from the first season of the league to the first season, even if you don’t have to do detail, as long as Just watching an eagle game, you will find that the pavement of the eagle is too bad.

Let’s let’s talk about the running guard group, and the break is released from Legalit-Brown, which is to put all the hopes in Jay-Akai, but Aga is unveiled from the season. “The fifth week of Akaji due to the predetermined ten ligament torn season reimbursement, plus” old fly rat “Sprro is unhappy last season, the eagle can only rely on the five-round Show Wenndel in 2016 – Simwood and this year’s decline in New Xiuzhi-Adams launched the pavement offensive, but their talents and abilities are not enough to support this heavy, and the rumors of “transaction return Shawne-McCay” in the season Bubble, but the deal got a slot Gord-Tatt, from this week, it can be seen from the caucasic game. The coach Douge – Pederson has begun the strategic abandonment of the pavement, and the eagle begins to get the extreme imbalance. attack.

The road attack is bad, the running guard group is not the only backpoint, according to the professional football focus on the front line ranking, the strongest eagle of the final season offensive frontline, this season has fallen out of the top ten, why do people stay intact, but also welcome Go back to the star left side of Sen-Pites’s eagle offensive frontline, still returned? The reason is still in the injury, although they don’t have anyone reimbursement, Pites took the first quarter in the second week, the main left body Stephen Verssenevsky started from the fifth week Gradually fade out, the star right cut Renne-Johnson has absent this week, three main force have a different degree of injury, which makes the eagle this season to use four sets, unstable Can you continue to complete the first-class road cover cover? That is to say joke.

The team leader Carson-Wenz’s emergency ball is also a trick, but the knee in the last season is because Wenz tries to fly to the array, although Wenz this season passed the ball performance recovered 100% state And the content of the game is also more like the package of packages, but in order to avoid the risk of injury, this season Wenz is extremely driving straight. In summary, the poor pavement offensive makes them get more and more unbalanced, more and more unstable, everything is watching Wenz’s hand to eat.

In the weapon, although after getting Gordon-Tatt, coupled with Jeffrey, Agolol and Jordan – Matthews have four reliable pick-up hands, plus close-end positions Zach Z and Dallas-Goldt, the eagle’s weapon is equally luxurious, the team cannot make “five pick-up” array in each attack, and the biggest shortcomings in the above six people are in addition to Jeff In addition, the remaining five people are more comfortable in the slot operation, and there is no one in them to take the speed of the opponent’s deep defense like Torre, Smith, this year’s break, Mike China Laser was in the second week of tidental fracture, which means that the eagle is now in the lineup, no one pulls defense, but I want to wear a short pass on the slot, which makes the last season of eagle averaged 4.9 times. Long biography, this season is much more than last season, but only 4.5 long passes. It’s been less than a small, it’s slow to play, once Wenz has a good feeling, it will catch it.

Part of the defensive group, has established a defensive defender in the last season, but it is not strong to seek a horn lock, but the safety and defense. I have to let this four rounds of Shi Fengte – Madoque enters the first lineup, and with the near future, the other two corner Wanjun Mills and Sidney Jones injury, the team can only Last year, the new Xiu Terre-Salvin and last year’s three-wheeled songs, the players who have a limited ability to defect, unless the eagle rush is pressed in place, otherwise the opponent is quad-saving in no pressure. Steady out of the ball, the eagle defender will be exploded. And the defensive guard personnel shortage, the star strong Marcom – Jenkins did not dare to stick to the defensive front line. Last season, the eagle defensive group can make nearly two ball translations, and the eagle now produces only 3 times, 4 CDs, team manufacturing ball translation in the league countdown fifth.

And the front line part of this quarter, the emblem is 41.19% of the seasons and 41.17% of the previous quarter, considering that the ratio of the use of this season is still three percentage points lower than that of the season, it can be said that the eagle is rushing The biography is still progressing, but the anti-run part, the average last season is 4.76 yards per formal pavement, this quarter has soared to 4.72 yards, what is going on? Line WiMeer-Kendrik, coupled with defensive front line Bo-Allen, Allen-Couli completed 55 anti-running interception last season, and the rest of the team will leave the team together, and the main defenders last season Timmy-Jennigan, this season, because the back intervertebral disc protoperate has not appeared, this quarter undertakes more anti-running work, the Edge Edge Drake – Barnett, the shoulder, the person is better than the season Shortage.

Before the start of the season, the eagle was able to discharge a star level defensive front line in each defense. Now Nneggen and Barnett cannot appear. The old eagle frontline is only the front line of Prandon-Glaham, Fletcher – test Kars, Chris Long, Hartti – Nata and Michael – This end of the special five hard legs, the five-person order age reached a 32-year-old age, Nata and Bente itself were anti-run and rushing The all-round defenders, now defensive frontline shortage, the two have high, so they do not take care of themselves.

The latest news is that the team’s number one corner Warnad is Dabbai because of the pre-cross ligament in the array of cowtans, there is no reimbursement season.

In summary, although the team star players are still there, and the competitive status remains good, but the whole team has a key player in almost every dimension. It is unable to debut because of the injury. The overall power of the team will inevitably fall. The injury is the largest road to the defending champion.

What is the front road?

Since the eagle has achieved the head name of the country last season, this season will inevitably be more dangerous, let us take a look at the final seven games in the season:

& mdash; & mdash; Almost no suspense, almost no suspense, but it is difficult to say that the partition is “mad dog bite”.

& mdash; & mdash; the game against ram and saints, basically nine dead life.

& mdash; & mdash; The passengers will meet cowgirl, both sides are in the competition season, and they want to win, not easy.

& mdash; & mdash; home courtesy of Dezhou people, although there is a home field advantage, the German people have recently become very good.

& mdash; & mdash; two battles with the owner of the famous red leather in the Dangdian East District, can win a fortune.

So, after the seven battles of the second half, the unexpected eagle can only win the three games. At most, it means that their achievements will be fixed in seven wins or wins halfway, such a record. It is never possible to take the season of the game from the National Union.

Where is the only hope of the eagle to enter the playoff match? Nowadays, the famous red skin “only” leading the eagle in the country of China, but there is a chance to confront in the future, and the eagle can only send the killing opponent, and some strong teams such as Texas and the ram are at the end of the season. Lock the seasons and relax, and finally add the cowboy, don’t blend from the middle, the eagle has a variety of people to stand out from the country. So I advise you gaming players, even now the eagle enters the playoffs, it is actually not necessary to press the funds on them.

In the future, Pedson and Wenz this will lead this team for many years for the combination of handsome, around this to rebuild the handsome combination, next year, Branden-Glaham, Ronald Darby and Gordon Tatti will become a free player, in the case of a salary space, a large pile of old will hide the big contract, let us see the general manager Haoy Rosman can change? Magic.

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