Why a Desert Safari in Doha, Qatar Should be on Your Bucket List

One of the many things that Qatar is known for is its desert safaris. The country, which runs from Rub’al-Khali in the Arabian Peninsula to the Gulf, also is the largest desert region near the Gulf.


A desert safari in Doha, Qatar, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for tourists, visitors, and thrill-seekers. This is an opportunity to partake in stunning activities and discover Qatar’s majestic landscapes.


So, do you want to go explore the Qatari desert? Here’s a little more information about what is sure to be a fantastic Middle Eastern safari.


When it comes to arranging a trip, there’s a lot to consider, and when it comes to Qatar, a half-day city tour in Doha and a Qatar desert safari are two things that must be considered. The safari is an interesting experience in and of itself, as guests can explore the vast desert region of the country while participating in a variety of excursions and activities.


Desert activities include walking tours, sandboarding, quad bike tours, and much more, with overnight camping options also available on some safaris.


A Qatar safari includes pick-up from your destination in an SUV, as well as a drop-off; you can also choose for private camping and land cruiser safari with a designated driver. As a result, this is an experience that is well worth the money.


Morning Desert Safari in Doha, Qatar


The day desert safari begins early in the morning before sunrise and ends late in the evening and is a favorite safari experience among visitors to the country. International tourists frequently choose this sort of safari as it’s one of the greatest things to do in Qatar since they get to enjoy a full day of fun and excitement.


Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Camping


Even though the nighttime safari in Qatar is only for a few hours, it includes all you need to make your nights enjoyable. In terms of evening activities in the Doha desert, this is one of the best. This is a safari experience that includes a unique perspective of the desert in the evening, as well as a view of the beautiful sunset right from the desert.


If you’re planning an evening safari, here are some of the things you can expect to see and do as part of your desert adventure.


  • The sand dune roller coaster takes you on a ride through the sand dunes.


  • Tourists explore the inland sea, which serves as Qatar’s natural border with Saudi Arabia.


  • Go to the Desert Camp and spend the night there.


  • To cool off, get on a board or rest on the beach and enjoy the tranquillity of the view.


  • At the desert camp, a continental breakfast is served.


The above mentioned information should help you understand why you should consider a desert safari in Doha, Qatar.

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