Why a Height Adjustable Desk is Better for Your Back?

Can Standing Desk Help With My Back Pain?

Did you know? A whopping 60% of the people in India have suffered from low back pain at some time during their lifespan. While temporary back pain can often be resolved with certain exercises and medications, chronic back pain is comparatively less treatable, and can often limit the everyday activity of the sufferer.

The Problem

The cause for such a massive scale of back pain in the working population? Well, some of the most prominent causes of back pain include excessive working out or lifting, prolonged sitting and lying down, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. You may very well guess that the number of people sitting for prolonged hours is way more than the number of people doing extreme workouts!

But, prolonged sitting is a crucial part of many many job profiles; especially in today’s times when a large majority of business or job-related activities are to be carried out while sitting across a desktop or laptop!

The Solution

So, what can we possibly do to combat the rather serious issue of increasing back problems? Simple. Introduce height-adjustable desk to the mix.

Is it that convenient? Apparently yes! A study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) established that the use of a sit-stand desk reduced the instances of neck and back pain by 54%, after just 1 month of being used by the participants. Moreover, when the desk were removed, the improvements in neck and back pains were reversed in some participants in as little as 15 days.

The Cause and Effect  

When sitting on a chair for a prolonged stretch, the spine and the lower back are subjected to a vast majority of the body weight. This pressure increases even further when one sits in the slouching position. On the contrary, when a person is standing, their back, core as well as leg muscles are engaged, and their posture improves almost instantaneously. Since standing ensures that the neck, back, and hip muscles are actively involved, it inhibits the weakening of these muscles, thereby leading to swift improvement in neck and back pains. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise when people with chronic pain find instant relief after using height-adjustable desk within the first week. All because the spine isn’t as stressed as before and there’s a phenomenal improvement in posture, even if there’s a little slouch.

But, wait. That’s not all! There are some other benefits of sit-stand desk is well – as the standing time increases so does the individual’s blood flow. This leads to improved moods and enhanced productivity!

How to Make the Most of Height Adjustable Desk?

  1. Improve Your Posture

When subjected to prolonged sitting we tend to hunch over, while long periods of standing to lead us to hyper-arch our lower backs. To make sure this doesn’t become an ingrained practice, consult a physiotherapist or simply watch some videos online to understand the right postures both while sitting as well as while standing. This will not only help you adjust better to the standing desk but will also ensure the health of your spine and your back over the long run.

  1. Wear Supportive Shoes

While shoes do not have much role when you’re sitting, they do play a crucial part when you choose to stand for up to half the length of your workday. Hence, as you bring in a standing desk, make sure to also bring in a pair of shoes with ample cushioning as well as arch supports. This will ensure that your legs don’t tire out by the day’s end and that your back is pain-free.

  1. Move Frequently

Whether you’re sitting or standing for the most part of the day, it is important that you move as frequently as possible, and stretch your body once every hour. To this end, simple measures like walking to the water cooler or climbing up and down a flight of stairs can prove to be of great help! Such movements will help keep you active by ensuring improved blood flow.

While a height adjustable desk can help avert or even reverse back pain, it is equally important that you take care of other aspects of your health as well. Right from sleeping on a good mattress and in the right position to keeping yourself hydrated, from eating a wholesome diet to working out at least 4-5 days a week, everything plays a part in ensuring that your spine remains healthy and that you don’t suffer from chronic back issues.


  1. Why should I buy a standing desk for my home office?

Buying a height-adjustable desk is one of the most promising investments for your home office, simply because of the wide array of benefits this desk can offer you. Some of the most prominent advantages of sit-stand desk are listed below.

  • Correct use of standing desk can help reduce back pain as well as pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulders
  • Standing for 20-40 minutes every hour can lower the risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Standing desk are known to improve energy levels and uplift mood
  • Height adjustable desk help boost productivity
  • When used as recommended standing desk may lower blood sugar levels
  1. How long does it take to get used to a standing desk?

You can expect being a little uncomfortable when you first start using a standing desk, as you are very used to sitting throughout the workday. You may even experience some pain in the legs and fatigue towards the end of the day. However, this will all go away within a week or two. So, stay strong and you will unravel the many benefits of height adjustable desk.

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