Why an apartment in Ibiza is the better option for first home buyers

If you want to be close to the heart of the action, an apartment in Ibiza is by far the most suitable option. In Ibiza not only are apartments more affordable than traditional fincas, but you are also spoilt for choice – from the exclusive area of Marina Botafoch, to the historical old town of Ibiza, from the quiet Santa Eularia town or the charming village of Santa Gertrudis, to the buzzing San Antonio town or the secluded Portinatx area in the north. Property for sale ibiza

But what are the advantages of buying an apartment in Ibiza?


Mowing the garden? Cleaning the pool? Maintaining a big house? These are just some of the tasks that become a regular staple in your life when you own a house. Your property may increase in value over the years, but with that comes all the hours of work/money you spend in keeping it in good shape. Instead when you own an apartment you only need to worry about the interior and your terrace. Compared to houses, apartments are most definitely low maintenance, leaving you with more time to enjoy life.


Chances are that when you buy your first property, it won’t look the way you want it to. It could be something as simple as the colour of the walls, but it might be that the apartment needs some renovation work to make it feel more like home. The advantage of owning an apartment is that with a smaller space, your renovation investment can go much further and make more of an impact than the renovation of a big villa.


The reality is that your first home probably won’t be your dream home, but at the same time, it likely wont be the last property purchase you will make. With that in mind, when you’re buying your first home it’s important to consider its possible value in the future. Not only are apartments more affordable, but buying an apartment in a key location, can be a long-term investment, either as a source of rental income or as a property that will go up in value.

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