Why and How to Perform QA for VoIP Applications

After running the VoIP Quality Test, you can identify if your Internet connection is capable of supporting the recommended quality requirements of a VoIP solutions provider. In addition to checking for quality, this test will help you identify the maximum number of VoIP voice calls your connection can support at once. Moreover, the VoIP Quality Test can evaluate VoIP performance from the users’ perspective. Using VoIP quality tests also helps you determine the right VoIP business solution for your company, including the software and hardware.

VoIP app development will still have its part to play, but many VoIP quality tests can be done even before signing up for a VoIP business solution. Testing VoIP quality before making a major purchase helps ensure that the switch from your old-school telephone system, or to another VoIP solutions provider, is as seamless as possible. Before committing to any products — or if you are experiencing issues with an existing VoIP handset — running a VoIP quality test can help determine what is causing problems.

Latency test

In the case of VoIP business solution quality tests, one test is not enough to paint a definitive picture of how VoIP-ready your network connections are. VoIP testing tools can easily expose high latency and packet loss, which are certain signs your network is ill-equipped to handle the cloud-based telephone system. If this is the case, then it is very likely you are dealing with latency in calls, and a VoIP latency test is needed to see how bad the problem is.

Using a network latency test, sometimes called a ping test, can help you figure out how much lag you are dealing with on your VoIP business solution. It may also assist in identifying other issues that are impacting call quality. When experiencing problems with your call quality, you will want to troubleshoot the VoIP connection using VoIP tests, ping tests, and trace routes. VoIP tests, ping tests, and trace routes are free tools that can identify the issue in your company’s telephone connectivity when such issues arise.

Network test

To test the network of your VoIP solution provider, you need to send Pings and Traceroutes to the servers providing your VoIP service. Also known as Internet speed tests, VoIP testing is a quick way to determine whether or not you have sufficient bandwidth to support VoIP calls.

A VoIP test also allows you to see your phone system’s call volume is high enough to merit upgrading. A ping test measures your connections’ jitter and packet loss, which can significantly affect VoIP calls. If your calls are dropping off completely, you may want to fix this problem by running a VoIP test — an application that measures your Internet connection speed, jitter, and latency.

Suppose VoIP test results show certain properties, like bandwidth, jitter, or latency, falling below the minimum requirements, that may mean it is time to change service providers or investigate a more capable VoIP business solution that may serve more effectively your company’s needs.

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