Why And How To Pick Your Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush?

Haircare is something most people take seriously and invest a lot in. People do everything for their hair, using the best shampoos, conditioners, and oils. However, these may not be enough to manage the visible damage. In such instances, the culprit could be the hairbrush in use.

If you have ever experienced such, it is time to take action. Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes are the best you can find to keep your hair in perfect condition. If you are unsure about these brushes, take a look at why you need one and how to choose.

Why Do You Need a Rock and Ruddle Hairbrush?

Natural Boar Bristles

Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes have natural boar bristles, making it easy to brush your hair because of their structure. In addition, the bristles are hair-like, meaning they swiftly glide through your hair strands. These brushes are the best for detangling and conditioning hair and spreading natural oils from the scalp. This makes your hair look glossy, supple, and healthy.

Rubber Pads

These brushes have rubber pads that make hair brushing gentle without pulling your hair. A brush that pulls your hair causes damage to individual hair strands. The rubber pads also ensure the brushing action is less painful, making the brush perfect for babies.

Elegant Designs

Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes come in many beautiful designs that sometimes make it hard to pick a favorite. Luckily, there is also a personalized option if you want a unique brush. These brushes feature gorgeous colors, patterns, and illustrations to give shoppers attractive options. Some color options include cool metallic, bright neon, and stylish monochrome designs.

Baby-Friendly Hairbrushes

Rock and Ruddle have a full range of beautiful brushes with supernatural bristles for the little ones. This brush is not only good for their delicate hair and scalp but leaves their gorgeous hair looking tidy and shiny. In addition, they are firm and gentle and can easily brush the wild locks of a baby.

Easy to Clean

Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes are constructed so that you take out the rubber bristle pads and clean your hairbrush. Gently use a comb to remove any sticking hair from the bristles. Place the bristles in soapy water to wash them before rinsing with cold water. Towel dry the bristles to remove any excess water.

How Do You Choose a Rock and Ruddle Hairbrush?

When choosing a Rock and Ruddle hairbrush, you should consider a few things.

  • Type of Hair

Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes are available for all types of hair. However, to maintain your hair’s health, you must understand its type and pick the perfect brush. Whether you have fine, curly/wavy, or natural-textured hair, you will find a brush that works for you.

  • Brush Design

There are numerous brush designs to choose from, including Rock and Ruddle. You can also get a custom design that brings your taste to hair care.

  • Type of Brush

Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes feature different bristle designs for specific usage. For example, you can pick a natural boar bristle brush or nylon bristles. They also have brushes for babies that are very easy to use.

By now, you already feel like this brush will remove all your hair’s worries. These brushes are built with precision and can adequately care for your hair needs. If you are allergic to other types of brushes, you can use a 100% natural bristles brush that does not trigger any reactions.

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