Why Are Cashmere Socks So Expensive?

Cashmere Socks

Socks come in a wide variety of styles, from formal to downright funky. They are made from a variety of materials, including cashmere wool, with comfort and style in mind. But what makes them so expensive?

There are numerous reasons why cashmere wool is luxurious, both in terms of quality and price. Keep reading to learn more about cashmere wool and the factors that contribute to its high price. 

Where Does Cashmere Come From?

Wool is spun from the fiber that creates threads that can be later woven into socks, sweaters, etc. Socks are usually fabricated using wool depending on their kind and style. While a vast majority of wool comes from sheep, cashmere wool comes from goats. The name cashmere is also derived from the breed of goat that is used to collect this wool, called cashmere goats.

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As winter passes, goats lose their fur. This fur is later collected, and the topcoat and undercoat are later separated by hand. The undercoat is rather softer than the overcoat; hence it is yielded to making pure cashmere wool from it. The cashmere undercoat is spun into long yarn and threads to create socks from cashmere wool.

Why Are Cashmere Socks So Expensive? 

Cashmere socks are considered a luxury item. You’ll see it is one of the most expensive fabricated socks out there and there is a reason for it to be this expensive. Let us read why this particular wool sock is so highly-priced.

  • Quality of wool

Cashmere wool is different from other wools that are used to create socks.    It is derived from goats rather than sheep. These goats can be found in high mountains in China, Kashmir, and other places. Since goats are so rare, their exquisite wool is very much in demand. It is superior to sheep wool in terms of quality, warmth, durability, and softness.

  • High demand

Due to the wool being short in supply, there is an overall demand in the market for it. The richness in the fabric also makes high-end brands and products use them to finish high-end socks and then retail them. Not only is cashmere wool said to be one of the softest wool available but also one of the warmest.

This is why it is also referred to as “soft gold.” This leads people to willingly pay more to obtain such a rich product. Socks made out of cashmere wool last longer and help keep your feet warm while also giving you comfort.

  • Handmade socks

Cashmere wool is a fine fabric that must be finished by hand. In order to get enough cashmere to create thread and yarn, you need a delicate approach, one that can only be done by hand. You have to separate both the undercoat and the top coat, which takes up time and is also labor-intensive.

You also need a person to pull out each hair individually to have a softer and downy process for garment work. It is then sewed in the form of socks to be set out in the market.

  • Small yield

To have quality cashmere, you need to wait up to 6 months in order to create thread and yarn. The goats are also relatively small in size, so you need a good number of them to shred wool. You need about three to four goats to make one single batch of socks. This is why there are very small yields.


Cashmere wool comes from high-elevation goats. Cashmere socks are expensive for their rarity and because they are so rich in quality. It is often referred to as soft gold for being one of the softest and warmest wools out there.

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