Why Are Dog Videos Liked and Admired By Everyone?

From Gangnam Style to Justin Bieber, the Internet has given a fair share of popularity to everyone, and when it comes to cute creatures like dogs, everyone loves to watch funny videos of these chubby toys like animals flaunting their tails or nodding their heads. Nothing can beat a pet video of an adorable dog that is a little ticklish and furry at times.

People are so obsessed to their pets that they don’t hesitate in recording every moment of their German shepherd or pug. Regardless of breed, every dog is cute and adorable, and when you watch these engrossing videos on the internet, all you can do is stare and smile at those most innocent creatures on earth.

Some of the dogs are way too famous for their specialized skills. Of course, you don’t expect a dog to do a bottle flip, all they can do is splash water through their paws, and everyone on the internet is fascinated by them. Dog videos are not just funny, but some of them are so emotional that you can’t keep yourself away from the tissue box. Whether it is a husky dog talking, or it is a pug who is giggling under its fur, you just can’t stop adoring them with a cheesy smile.

You can understand this infinite love for dogs if you have taken care of one. Their actions and movements are so cute, that you can’t stop your hands from recording and making it an internet sensation. The Internet has paced up so swift that you don’t even remember the time when dogs were confined to their homes. Nowadays, an ordinary breed is reaching boards and is becoming internet sensation effortlessly. Dog videos are an excellent source of entertainment to you and to millions of people who are bored of seeing the same cooking recipes on their internet wall.

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